Google Fiber With 1 GBPS Internet Speed Coming To India!


It seems 2015 can be the best year for an Internet user in India. Initial reports are coming in, indicating that Google Fiber will be introduced in India very soon.

Talks are on between IT Ministry and Google Fiber team to bring this amazing optical fiber based broadband services in India.

An official from the IT Ministry said, “We are keen to partner a company like Google in furthering the Digital India plan. Modalities have to be worked out,”.

Google Fiber is Google’s own broadband services which provides Internet speed upto 1000 MBPS or 1 GBPS, which would be an entirely new experience for an Indian user. In an era where there exists ridiculous caps on upload and download speeds, this certainly sounds like a gift from Santa.

Imagine downloading a HD movie in 33 seconds flat; uploading 100 images in 5 seconds.

Here is a video of live speed test done by a Google Fiber customer from Kankas city, USA, where it was first introduced:

And a screenshot:


Here is a Reddit thread where users from Kankas city using Google Fiber have shared their experiences of using the services.

During the launch of Google Fiber in Kansas City in 2011, a Google official said, “Our internet is 100 times faster. Our TV has hundreds of channels in crystal clear HD. And we’re offering quality service plans that are affordable,”

As of now, Google is planning to expand the services to 34 more cities in the USA.

Although Google officials haven’t yet shared about their plans related with Google Fiber in India, but they admitted that they are working closely with the Indian Government on several projects. On the other hand, an official from IT Ministry said to The Hindu that a team from Google are arriving in India shortly to make feasibility studies about Google Fiber in India.

The Problems

As of now, Google Fiber in India certainly sounds like a fantasy as there are several practical problems involved. The biggest and the most visible problem in licenses.

In India, any ISP who wishes to provide broadband services needs to get licenses which are auctioned, and the price may shoot upto thousands of crores of rupees.

As per the recent talks which are happening between Google team and IT Ministry, it seems that the requirement of licenses may hold greater importance. One alternative can be that Google partners with an existing ISP such as BSNL and start the services.

If the Government allows Google to roll out Google Fiber without licenses, it can be a major boost to Internet connectivity and Digital Business for all Indians.

We hope for the best!

  1. naveen dagar says

    It’s 2017 now still fiber is not here

  2. Speed Fever says

    BSNL charges around 2000 bucks for an mbps worth of unlimited service inclusive of taxes. Where as AT&T charges about half the price for 16GB unlimited to it’s US customers. If Google teams with BSNL then they will probably charge us about a lakh as a rental. Even then BSNL will try to set CAPS.

    Indian market gets the idea of business but not the concept of competitive business. And if Google doesn’t allow third party ISP partners to manipulate according to their own standards then this whole ordeal will not work out. So wouldn’t be too exicited about

  3. Anon says

    It’s 2016 now still fiber is not here

  4. neelesh says

    They don’t have any plan to launch in India soon this is all fake. they r covering u.s first then they will explore outside u.s

  5. Paawan says

    1 Gbps not GBps . there is alot difference in bytes and Bits so edit the title and in article lol.

    1. abuser says

      oh is dat so u…sounds like u never make mistake in ur life ..if u want to correct tell it in proper manner!!why is lol for ??

  6. Rishabh says

    What would you guys suggest as far as the best UPLOAD speeds from ISP’s? Please help, since I’m streaming on twitch and have over 2000 followers. Need a good upload speed plan!

  7. XiNiX says

    Reliance has some good net plans. Their 12 Mbps plan is really awesome for most users.

  8. Bagadesh says

    I think my grant grant grant grant grant son can use Google”s fibre optic internet

  9. Joe says

    here is what will happen. indian will try to bribe google, google refuse. and good bye fiber.

  10. AnonyAnon says

    Pretty sure our government isn’t gonna let this happen. Everyone is a greedy ass who cares about them and I really doubt they would let Google fiber to roll out here.


    google fiber welcome to india. I hope your service is Better to other Networks.
    May I Request to IT Minister, Please Hurry-up provide broadband License to google.
    I hope google fiber service start February to December 2015


  12. Sandhir says

    No licence needed for fibre optics cable. Laying permission only for unground cable. Free for all if in air like TV cable networks.

    1. May dream come true says

      Air is useless always cables good

      Terrestrial is good then Satellite

  13. Ram says

    Google+BSNL=what a combination!

    1. Truth teller says

      No no no….
      Google + BSNL = Speed Caps, Increased data rates, Bad User experience (really bad one)

  14. […] reports are coming in, indicating that Google Fiber will be introduced in India very soon Under Digital India Mission. Talks are on between IT Ministry and Google Fiber team to […]

  15. APN r says

    teaming up with BSNL sounds like a good idea

  16. Saurabh says

    There is no Kankas city in the US. See the Speedtest image.

    1. prateek says

      look at it once again it is Kansas City not kankas City
      it is a city in USA

  17. Siddharth S Mishra says

    Oh i am waiting for this service because i use BSNL and it’s really a huge pain in the neck. I have 1 mbps plan and it’s gives i think less than 512 kbps.

  18. Piyal says

    In 2008 when I first took brodband connection I had 2 mbps BSNL limited connection. Now I have 512 kbps unlimited connection. There is no option for unlimited net higher than 512 kbps under 1000 Rs. There is no practical speed improvement in last 6 years. Let’s see when Reliance Jio launch 4g in 2015 this situation may change. 512 kbps is not good for viewing low res youtube.

  19. vinodh says

    hopefully google net service would be affordable to home users. right now speed not great . i use bsnl landline for broadband and mts dongle. i need to cancel one of them. mts not working well in bangalore. but works great in hometown while roaming.

  20. Deepak Kanakaraju says

    I hope the Indian government welcomes this and doesn’t screw up. Good thing about India is that Google cannot afford to ignore Indian market just because it is difficult to do business in India. There will be ups and downs but eventually we will end up getting higher speeds.

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