Ericsson’s 5G Test in India Achieves 5.7Gbps Speed; Apple Working on 5G iPhone Hardware!

Ericsson has already demonstrated in India, what 5G can achieve, as their tests gave a stunning 5.7Gbps speed


Ericsson 5G Test In India

Is this the dawn of 5G age now?

Ericsson has already demonstrated in India, what 5G can achieve, as their tests gave a stunning 5.7Gbps speed; meanwhile reports are coming in that Apple has already started working on their 5G hardware for next generation iPhones.

Ericsson’s 5G Test in India: Stunning Results

Sweden based networking and telecommunications behemoth, which can pioneered several cutting-edge technological wonders, have now demonstrated what 5G can actually do in India.

The 5G live demo was done using Ericsson’s 5G test bed and 5G New Radio (NR), and used higher frequency bands on a small cell architecture.

The result: 5.7 Gbps speed and ultra-low latency of 3 millisecond.

It seems Ericsson wants to be the frontrunner for implementing pan-India 5G network by 2020.

Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Market Area-SE Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson said,

“We are strengthening our commitment to the Indian market by pioneering the first live 5G demonstration in the country. The 5G technology showcase has been organised in the direction of creating a robust 5G ecosystem as the government plans to have 5G network roll out by 2020,”

As per studies conducted by Ericsson, it has been found that 5G infrastructure can induce revenues worth $27 billion in India, by 2026.

The recent live demo was used to exhibit Ericsson’s latest 5G breakthroughs like Gigabit LTE (1 GBPS download speeds) with License Assisted Access (LAA) technology, advancements in Radio Network Evolution, 5G Ready Transport and Network Slicing and more.

Ericsson has now successfully demonstrated their 5G core, radio and transport portfolios, with digital support systems, transformation services and security aspects related to 5G usage in India.

iPhones Will Have 5G Hardware?

Meanwhile, reports are coming in, which states that Apple has collaborated with Intel to develop 5G hardware for their next generation iPhones.

Although Qualcomm’s 5G modem chips have proven to be more able and fast, Apple has surprisingly decided to partner with Intel, which has kind of ‘lagged behind’ in the 5G race till now.

However, things are now changing, as Intel has organized a mini-army of thousands of engineers, who are now dedicatedly working on bringing our 5G enabled processors, and Apple wants to partner in this endeavour.

Intel has already announced their 5G modem during CES 2017, as they said that they have

“successfully completed a full end-to-end 5G call based on its early 5G silicon … a key milestone in its development.”

As per reports, future iPhones would be capable of a gigabit per second speed and beyond, thereby supporting 5G network easily.

We will keep you updated as we receive more news regarding the 5G wave.

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