9 Skills Which IT & Digital Companies Are Desperately Looking For In 2017!


9 Skills Which IT & Digital Companies Are Desperately Looking For In 2017!

Mohandas Pai, former HR head and ex-Chief Financial Officer of IT major Infosys has stirred a hornet’s nest when he declared that only MTech degree holders will be able to get a job in the IT industry now.

IT Unions across India have condemned this statement, which makes lakhs of BTech degree holder redundant in the current job market.

Although we cannot confirm or deny Mr Pai’s statement, as lakhs of jobs are being terminated due to the impact of AI, automation and robots; we tried to find out which skills are in demand as of today, which will help a potential job seeker to get noticed in the IT and Digital field.

So, here are those 9 skills, which are being desperately searched for by recruiters across IT and Digital industry as you are reading this post:


People Skill

There are some skills, which will never go out of fashion. And people skills is one of them. If you are a natural leader, can understand how people think, and if you know how to motivate them, then you will be never out of job. Robots cannot manage people, and if you have these skills, then you are in much demand.

Full Stack Developers

If you are comfortable with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and can develop an app or website all by yourself, then HR Managers are looking out for you. From frontend to backend, from business logic to architecture, everything has to be done by you.

Human Interaction Designer

If you can predict how a human being will respond to a new app or website, analyse their user behaviour, and make prototypes mimicking their flow of action, then you can be an excellent candidate for a human interaction designer. After all, a robot cannot predict human behaviour, and it takes a human being to understand another human being.

AI Software Development

Artificial Intelligence is no doubt intelligent, but we need an even smarter force to power and use AI. And this leads to the exciting job profile of an AI Software Developer. Machine learning is an integral part of this job profile, and you should be really good with maths for this job profile. Coding is, by default, a required skill for this job.

Machine Learning Researcher

Job analysts are predicting that machine learning researcher is the most sought after job profile for at least 60% of all IT companies. Understanding and creating machine learning algorithms, along with expertise in maths is the primary requirement.4

Machine Learning App Developer

The combination of machine learning researcher and AI software development will empower you to become machine learning apps developer. In short, you will be required to apply the knowledge of AI framework, to solve a particular problem.

3D Designers

3D printing is the rage of the day, and this is coming up everywhere. 3D printing companies need creative 3D designers, and if you have that ‘out of the box’ thinking while designing, then you are the person they are looking for. All you need to do is take a product idea and convert it into life.

Content Engineering

Content is a serious business, and the industry is desperately looking for content engineers. It is not mere content creation, but understanding the use of that content, and accordingly labelling it as per the plan. There are 5 major disciplines, under this new skill-set: model, metadata, markup, schema and taxonomy.

Big Data

Data is the new Gold, and Big data experts are the new Gold miners. And yes, they are in much demand these days. If you love maths, and statistics, and love to explore the relationship between numbers, then Big Data is calling you. Because of the Internet explosion and the Digital tsunami, there ain’t any company which doesn’t need big data experts.

Are you aware of any other skills which are being searched by IT and Digital companies? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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    Can you explain the “Content Engg” part a bit more, please? Where did you get this list from?

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