Weekly Wrap-up: Indian Rupee Symbol, Android App inventor, Social Media Policy, Stock Market, Epic Browser, Outsourcing & More..


The biggest news of last week undoubtedly was the finalization of new Indian Rupee Symbol. India has now joined the ranks of Elite countries who boast a unique currency symbol of their own. Although, we have a new symbol now, the process in which rupee symbol was finalized has been quite shocking and without any transparency.

Google’s relatively young  Open-Source Mobile Operating – Android – is taking giant strides in the Mobile OS space, thanks to their open nature and great community of Android Apps developers. Android has now taken another step and unveiled a platform – Android App inventor -  which allows even non-developers & novices to build applications on Android.

The popularity of World Cup in India has touched new heights – Infact, sports other than cricket have been making news for past couple of months. The viewership for some of the Football world cup matches has been equivalent to those of Indian Premier League.

HP labs will soon be launching a new service that will allow users to send a handwritten note as email through mobile even without the availability of Internet.

Social Media is now mainstream and hundreds and thousands of users are joining the Facebook & Twitter bandwagon. As we have seen many times, sometimes  information flow through social media channels can spell lot of trouble, and hence companies like Infosys has now officially come out with their Social Media Policy.

If you are an investor in Stock Markets, you must read this excellent article on Indian Stock Market Outlook – Fundamental and Technical analysis

Finally IRCTC has woken up to the problems faced by common man for Tatkal bookings – Now, Common Man given priority to Make ‘Tatkal’ Reservations on IRCTC.

This is another important launch of Last week – India now has an home-grown “Made in India” web browser called EPIC. I found it quite feature rich and appealing in my limited used of EPIC browser.

India is currently the number one outsourcing hub, however, China is taking giant strides in outsourcing space and threatening India’s dominant position.

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