Google Photos Will Be Revamped With These Exciting New Features

The function comes to Android this week, and is “coming soon” to iOS.

Google Photos is set to receive some important upgrades to make it an easier experience for users..



The features will roll out over the coming weeks and will ease sorting through albums, importing photos and video saved somewhere else, see shared content, and find screenshots.

The layout is upgraded to show a grid (or list) that you can quickly filter by type (albums, shared albums, favorites, on-device folders) and then sort.

Now comes importing images saved elsewhere. 


Scroll past the app’s album grid to find a new “import photos” option.

It can be found alongside Locked Folders, utilities, archives and trash.

With this, users can copy images from other services; digitize snaps, videos, and film; or move shots from a camera.

There’s also a new page which will help users transfer photos from Facebook, iCloud or digital cameras.

These can be added from local storage or simply scanned from phones or external cameras.


The sharing tab has more options now, such as partner sharing, shared albums, and conversations—making it easier to find, view, and manage photos and videos.

The function comes to Android this week, and is “coming soon” to iOS.

Most of us take screenshots and forget about it. 


Well, now a new shortcut appears at the top of the main photo grid as a reminder.

Android users can make use of  “a carousel of contextual suggestions” to copy text, crop, search using Google Lens, and more when viewing a screen grab.

Using Google Lens, users can copy text, crop the image or do a Google search on the image.

Google Photos is adding the functionality to not back up one’s screenshot folder so that these screenshots do not appear in the memories.

It will soon bring a feature which will be a “shortcut that will appear at the top of your main photo grid to take you right to them.”

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