Android Market Apps fastest growing – Iphone Market the Biggest !


These are the days when Smartphones are in vogue – you will see every 2nd professional will be carrying a Smartphone. One of the important and most attractive aspect of Smartphone’s – you are able extend the functionality of the phone using the native 3rd party apps.

Currently we have 6 main Mobile Operating Systems that mobile phones run on – Apple, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry. Every OS has its own Marketplace which allows its users to down and install applications. Some are Free and some are paid.

Distimo is a Dutch analytics company that tracks nothing but these app stores. They recently gave a presentation at Mobile World Congress titled “Mobile Application Stores – State Of Play” which highlighted the state of the six largest device manufacturer stores (Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

Here are some of the interesting findings of Distimo:


Apple has the largest app Market with close to 160k applications and Android is second largest with around 20k applications

Fastest Growing App Marketplace

Even though Android is the youngest Market place, it is relatively growing faster with more than 15% application being added last month.


Android Market place has the largest share of free apps whereas Nokia OVI store has maximum number of paid Mobile apps.


Microsoft and Blackberry have more than double average price of apps as compared to other app providers, while all others are in similar range of around $3 !

Have a look at this presentation by Distimo, which gives more details about various app stores !

I am sure over next Few months we will see Android Market growing at much faster pace, primarily because many new Android based models are getting launched. I wouldnt be surprised if within a years time Android gives iphone run for its money :)

Whats your take?

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  2. InternetMarketingConsultant says

    Google have always brought revolutionary products in the hands of Common Internet Users.Google Android is such an open application. Everybody is well come to participate in its growth.

  3. justmehere says

    Lol, credibility of your article is limited. Cause if you did your reasearch properly, you would have noticed that Android apps surpase 30000 today. The relationship betweem free and paid apps is 2 to 1. And there is hardly nothing you can doon an iphone that you can’t on the Android. Though there are a lot of things android does that Iphone does not. Google Navigation, wifi router, translation, naikl s3earch, voice search. List is endless and will get larger over time.

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