India adds another 20 million Telecom Subscribers in Jan


The Telecom Subscription growth does not stop at anything. Nearly an year back, we were averaging about 12 million subscribers a month – I had thought that in next 12 months the monthly growth rate should stabilize to around 10 million, but it does not seem like happening. Infact, it has nearly doubled and last few months have averaged around 18-19 million subscriber additions.

According to latest report by TRAI, the Telecom Subscribers in India have reached to 581 million which brings the overall Teledensity of India to 49.7%


Here are the Highlights of the January Telecom Subscriber Report:

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 581.81 Million
    • Wireless subscription reaches 545.05 Million
    • Wireline subscription declines to 36.76
  • 19.90 Million new additions in wireless
  • Wireline subscription declines by 0.31 Million
  • Overall Tele-density reaches 49.50
  • Broadband subscription is 8.03 million

The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to 581.81 Million at the end of January-2010 from 562.21 Million in December-09, thereby registering a growth rate of 3.49%. With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches

Wireless Segment (GSM, CDMA & FWP)

Wireless subscriber base increased from 525.15 Million in December-09 to 545.05 Million at the end of January-2010 at a monthly growth rate of 3.79%. Wireless Tele-density stands at 46.37.

Telecom Subscriber Market Share


Bharti remains the largest Telecom Market Share holder with 22.33% subscribers, followed by Reliance (17.72) and Vodafone (17.27).

Broadband Subscribers

The Broadband subscriber base remains dismal – With a population of 1 Billion, we have less than 8 million subscribers, which gives us broadband density of just 0.8% !! I dont know when this is going to improve. While we are doing phenomenally well in mobile subscriptions, we are equally dismal when it comes to broadband connectivity

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