Updated: 5 Best Mobile Apps To Follow Everything On FIFA World Cup


Football, which is often called the ‘World’s most popular sports’ will dominate the coming 31 days as FIFA World cup 2014 is all set to be celebrated and watched all over the world. Starting from June 12, 2014, this mega sports event which is happening in Brazil, will attract viewer ship of almost 1.5 billion eyeballs.

Due to time differences between Brazil & India, most of the matches will start late in the night or in most cases in the middle of the night here in India. Hardcore soccer fans will no doubt keep burning the mid-night oil to watch the matches live on television.

However, in case you wish to experience the FIFA World cup 2014 right on your smartphone, without having to stay awake whole night, then here are some really useful mobile apps and tools which can bring the world cup right on your fingertips, as and when required!


1) Official FIFA App

FIFA offical App

In case you wish to remain as close as possible with the governing body of football all over the world, then the official FIFA App is what you require. This app has complete information about all the 32 participating teams, schedule of matches, images gallery, video collection and soon to be introduced minute by minute description of all matches.

Here is the Android version of this app. It is also available for iOS.

2) Goal Live Scores

Goal Live Scores

There are several football fans who are only interested to know about the score of goals when a match is being played. For such enthusiasts, there is an excellent app: Goal Live Score which constantly updates you regarding the goals scored for every match, besides lots of statistics and information related to the World cup.

Here is the Android version of this app.

3) FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone

Football stats zone

Personally, I love reading the statistics of a particular team or tactics of a match as related to it’s previous world cups and tournaments. In case you love maintaining stats and want to impress your friends in office and college with the tactics employed during the matches, then there is a brilliant app to do that: FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone.

Currently available only for iOS devices, this app can literally make you a hero of stats and data related to World cup. Here is the iOS version on iTunes.

4) BBC Sports [Live Telecast]


BBC has been granted rights to live telecast of few matches, which would be broadcasted live on their mobile app. However, for other matches, they will show the highlights as soon as the match finishes. Besides that, this free app from BBC Sports can be used to set alerts for matches, which can include: line-ups, kick-off, goals and half-time score and result.

Here is the Android version of the app. Also available for iOS and Windows OS.

5) Football Schedule for Brazil 2014

The app developed by iXtentia, will let Android and iOS users know how their favorite teams are faring at the World Cup with guide to match schedules, standings, and venues. As the competition unfolds, the round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final match-ups will be revealed. The time slots for these games have already been determined, allowing fans to organize their calendars ahead of the mega event. 

Here is the Android and iOS version of the app.

6) Synchronized Calendar With Sky Sports

Sky Sports has come up with a unique idea of synchronizing your calendar (Outlook, Google, Local PC, etc) with the latest world cup matches and its current data so that you are never out of the action. Once you have synchronized your calendar with Sky Sports, you will be always up to date with the exact dates of matches, its venues, coverage information, live scores and more. You can visit this resource and synchronize your calendar.

Besides these, there are lots of other useful apps which can help you be stay updated with the matches and scores. Some of them are: SofaScore, One Football, Jalvasco World Cup 2014 etc.

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