Ecommerce Biggest Recruiter Of Mobile Developers; Bits Pilani Produces Maximum Mobile Experts


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Did you know that with 220 million users, India is world’s second largest smartphone market, even surpassing USA!

Last year, 163 brands launched 1622 new phones in India, which is expected to even go up further this year. A typical Indian college student spends upto 8 hours on his mobile internet every day; and an average smartphone user has 32 apps active apps, at any given time.

Banks are launching their mobile-only banking operations as Rs 49,000 crore worth of mobile transactions happened in December, 2015 alone. Such is the wide-scale usage that Govt. has mandated local language support in every phone sold in India; every phone will have mandated panic button and Government is enabling e-copies of driving licenses on mobiles.

As mobile and internet continue to reshape the way businesses are changing, governance being conducted and entertainment being consumed, it is very interesting to note that who will actually make these transformations?

Behind every mobile app is a team of developers who first envision the plot, then implement it for end-users for seamless experience. But where are these mobile developers? Who are these talented bunch of professionals who are acting as a catalyst for the post-Internet age in India?, a talent acquisition company based in Bengaluru has done an interesting research into understanding the mobile talent scenario in India right now; and created a report called “India Mobile Talent Landscape Report 2016”.

Some major highlights of the report:

– Bengaluru has emerged as the #1 destination for mobile developers in India, as it has been hailed as the ‘Leadership Hub’ for mobile. At #2 position is Delhi-NCR, followed by Hyderabad and Pune.

– Interestingly, between January-December 2015, Bengaluru attracted 40% of incoming talent from Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad

– Right now, Mumbai is the city which is attracting maximum number of new mobile developers as the city is gaining 3.5% every year, compared to 2% in Bengaluru and 1.5% in Delhi-NCR

– 72% of all mobile developers in India are Android experts; whereas only 26% claim to be iOS experts. Interestingly, 10% of mobile developers claim to be experts in both Android and iOS. Just 2% are Windows developers

Mobile developers Landscape

– Globally, 82.8% are Android developers, while 13.9% are iOS experts.

– Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani has produced maximum of mobile developers in the country as 10.5% of all mobile talent has originated from this institute.

– IIT Delhi ranked at #15 has produced only 2.79% while IIT Bombay is ranked at #22 with 2.2% share. Stack Overflow and Github have emerged as the top social networks for mobile developers, when it comes to getting help and assistance from the community

Top Mobile developer Universities

– Interestingly, 24% of all Indian mobile developers have a presence on Klout

– For Android framework, the following are the hottest languages: HTML5, XML / JSON, JavaScript, CSS, Java while for iOS, the languages which are in most demand are HTML5, XML / JSON, JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C, Swift

– Swift is the most in-demand language skill-set for iOS developers, even as only 12% of iOS developers are experts in it

– jQuery is the most popular framework for Android developers, and only 26% of them are experts in it

– 42% of all Android developers and 50% of all iOS developers have experience in the range of 2-5%. This actually shows how young and dynamic Indian mobile eco-system is

– Within 1.5 years, a typical mobile developer will take up a new job

mobile developers experience

– Computer Software and IT Services consume 67% of the workforce of Indian mobile developers

– Ecommerce companies, namely Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip have emerged as the top recruiters of mobile developers; while IT Services firms like TCS, Infosys are at #2 position

This report is based on the data of 25,000 mobile developers, whose profiles are with Belong or in public domain. If you are an digital/mobile entrepreneur who wants to tap into the growth and pace of mobile landscape in India, then this can be a useful resource for the next 12 months.

You can find the entire report here.

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    Yes i do accept, Recently google team also confirmed that Mob visits can increase than desktop. Especially in e-commerce markets.

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