Now Carry E-Copies of Driving License and Car Registration Papers on Mobile in Telangana


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Telangana’s capital, Hyderabad has been getting a lot of attention from global tech players like Apple and Oracle who are investing in the city by opening up local tech centres. Telangana already had other biggies like Google and Amazon who have recently expanded as well, which makes the state quite a big tech hub of the country.

There is no doubt Telangana is progressing a lot faster than it did a few years back. In another advancement towards going digital, Telangana has introduced an app to store digital copies of your vehicle license and other registration documents in one repository.

Dubbed ‘RTA m-wallet’, the application has been developed specifically for Telangana residents by Telangana Transport Department, for people to drive around without the need to have the necessary papers handy physically. Drivers can download digital documents from the website itself.

The documents can be viewed offline as well and a repository of driving license, car registration papers, insurance papers and pollution certificate etc. can be kept on the app.

How does it serve the purpose?

You know how we Indians work, we always need to have a copy of the original documents just in case the original ones get lost. Quite a few people do not want to carry originals, specially driving license, in fear of losing it.

This will not matter anymore because the next time a cop stops you and requests for all the papers, you can simply show them your smartphone with the app open. When everything is going digital, why not make important documents like these digital as well. Carrying a piece of paper is same as carrying a digital evidence of it.

The app developers only need to ensure that original documents are downloaded, not tampered with, and security is maintained. There can be cases of false certificates on the app which could mislead the police. Such cases do happen offline as well, but digitally these issues are worse.

Pollution under control certificate and Insurance certificate addition is pending right now but is expected to be added in a few weeks, to the app.

How can I use the app?

The application is pretty simple to use and developers have kept in mind that complexities will only make the process confusing. After downloading it from Google Play Store, opening the app will provide a list of instructions to keep in mind to retrieve car’s information.

Register on the app with your Name, mobile phone number and email address. An OTP will be sent to your smartphone to authenticate the login. You will see two options, one for RC and one for Driving License. Both of these can be retrieved by entering a few details from each of the original documents.

Every Time you logout and login again, an OTP is sent to your mobile phone to make sure it is you who is logging into the application.

This is an excellent initiative for people in Telangana to carry digital evidence of their car and driving license, instead of worrying about original papers. Are other State Governments listening? It’s about time we take such initiatives uniformly.

RTA M-Wallet App on Play Store

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