India’s Biggest Startup Incubator: T-Hub Opens in Hyderabad; Telangana Govt. Invites Entrepreneurs from All over the Country


THUB Hyderabad Starup

Last week, Telangana Government launched India’s largest tech startup incubator: T-hub, which is now open entrepreneurs from all over the country. This huge 100,000 square feet campus was inaugurated by Tata Sons Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata and Governor ESL Narasimhan.

In the first phase, a 70,000 square feet campus was launched, which can house 140 startups; and is based out of International Institute for Information Technology (IIIT) at Gachibowli, which is a suburb of Hyderabad. Rs 40 crore has been invested in setting up this huge campus.

The Indian School of Business and National Law University will mentor this incubator, which is open to any startup which is willing to pay the rent and use the state of the art facilities. T-hub has already tied up with 20 venture capitalists to provide startups with instant funding.

The first phase of this incubator is termed as ‘Catalyst’, which will allow 140 odd startups to set up their base. Once they are established, they will be asked to move on, so that new, fresh startups can use the facilities.

We had reported the planning of this huge tech incubator way back in April this year, when Telangana Govt. roped in Ratan Tata in this mega plan.

In the second phase, Telangana Govt. will invest close to Rs 150 crore to set up a massive 300,000 square feet campus, which can house 800+ startups. This is expected to be launched by 2018.

Telangana State IT Minister said, “By connecting start-ups to top mentors, investors, organizations and academia, T-Hub will help every entrepreneur realize their dream.”

Telangana Govt. Wont Interfere; T-Hub Open For All

Some Andhra based entrepreneurs doubted that T-hub will only help entrepreneurs who are from Telangana state, and shut their doors for others. But clearing all doubts, IT Minster Rao has said that the campus is open for every entrepreneur from anywhere in India.

He said, “This is not for Telangana techies alone but to attract major talent from across the country.. T-Hub is open for everybody.

Additionally, he also assured all tech professionals that the Govt. won’t interfere with the business of innovation and technology. No special preferences would be given to those entrepreneurs who are close to the Govt. or special allowances would be allowed for any caste/regional based entrepreneurs.

Rao said, “The government will not poke its nose into the day-to-day affairs of T-Hub.. We wanted it to be as un-government like as possible.” He explicitly said that T-hub would be “completely autonomous” and “free spirited”, for giving greater thrust to entrepreneurship and innovation in the tech sector.

Will Hyderabad Beat Bangalore?

After opening up of India’s biggest tech incubator, Hyderabad is now inching towards a position, wherein they can beat Bangalore easily.

After the new Telangana Govt. came in:

Hyderabad has already been declared as the city with best quality of living as well.

Is Hyderabad the new Bangalore of India?

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