Android App Market goes past Apple Store for Free Mobile Apps!


Android has been surpassing everyone’s expectation in terms of growth – Although a few people are still sceptical, there is no doubt in my mind that Android will rule the market (if not already) in years to come.

Distimo, who offer insights on App Market growth for Mobile OSes, released their March report, which shows that Google App Market has been growing fiercely and is set overtake Apple App store in next 5-6 months.


Mobile App Market Growth

App Market growth

At current growth rates,  Distimo predicts that Google Android Market have only 40,000 applications less than the Apple App Store for iPhone by the end of June 2011, and will close the remaining gap before the end of July 2011.

Secondly, Distimo expects BlackBerry App World will double in size over a six-month period and will most likely be larger than Nokia Ovi Store by the end of May 2011.

The growth trend also suggests that, Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will be larger than the Nokia Ovi Store and BlackBerry App World before the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace completes its first year of existence.

Free Apps Vs Paid Apps

App Market Applications

Android App Market has gone past Apple App store in terms of Free Apps available to its users. The difference between Android and iOs is quite large. While Android has over two thirds of its apps as free, Apple App store has less than one in three application listed as free. Google Android App Market now has 134,342 free applications, while the Apple App Store has 121,845 free apps.

Top Free Apps on Android Market

Top Free Apps Android

Top Free Apps on Apple App Store

Top Free Apps iPhone

It is quite interesting to look at top Free apps in both the markets – while the Apple App store has most of the top apps in gaming category – Top Android Apps are all internet & work related! I think the reason for that is Google is shipping these applications by default in the Android Operating system and when anyone updates them, the count gets increased in the Android Market.

So, who is betting on the future of Android ? Are you ?

You can download the entire Distimo report here

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