Indian Railways Is Running 100+ Special Trains To Help Migrants Reach Their Home Towns

Indian Railways Is Running 100+ Special Trains To Help Migrants Reach Their Home Towns
Indian Railways Is Running 100+ Special Trains To Help Migrants Reach Their Home Towns

It seems that the country is again at the brim of the migrant crisis considering the rapidly growing coronavirus pandemic cases in the country and especially the metropolitans.


Once Again A Crisis

So far, the pandemic has been brutal for all, but it has been the most brutal for India’s poorest working citizens. 

Earlier at the same time last year, India pledged that the migrant workers would never have to go through the same human suffering again.

But it seems that history is repeating itself.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the government has failed to set up a strong social security net for migrant workers, despite serious proposals on the table. 

In reality, the State must do all it can to prevent humanitarian distress.

Railways Initiative For Convenience Of Passengers

Citing the situation, the Indian railways has stepped up operations of special trains, mail/express trains, passenger trains and suburban trains in hopes to provide relief and convenience to the passengers.

Currently, the Indian Railways is running 1,512 mail/express and festival specials, on an average per day, up from the 1,490 such services last week.

The migrant workers once again are queuing up to return to their hometowns as  Delhi undergoing a six-day lockdown.

So, the national transporter has decided to run three more special trains from Delhi to Bihar. 

Special Trains From Delhi

These trains will run from Delhi to Darbhanga, Anand Vihar to Sitamarhi and New Delhi to Gaya.

Apart from this, 53 special train services are being run from Northern Railway (Delhi area).

While 41 special trains are operational from Central Railway.

Additionally,  5 special train services from Western Railway daily to various destinations across the country.

As part of the summer special trains, additional trains are already being run during April-May 2021 while 981 passenger train services are also operational. 

So in total, over 5,387 suburban train services and 981 passenger train services are also operational.

 As per the demand on routes, the Railways will continue to run special trains and also continue to make efforts to ensure that passengers travel without any inconvenience.

Transportation Of Liquid Oxygen

At the same time, a request letter for transportation of liquid medical oxygen from Rourkela, Bokaro to Bhopal has been given by the Madhya Pradesh government.

Soon, a second oxygen special train carrying around 7-8 empty tankers to Bokaro and back will start on April 21 from Lucknow as per the plan.

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