Covid19 Pandemic Triggers Massive Usage Of Contactless Technology: How It Will Shape Our Lives?

Covid19 Pandemic Triggers Massive Usage Of Contactless Technology: How It Will Shape Our Lives?
Covid19 Pandemic Triggers Massive Usage Of Contactless Technology: How It Will Shape Our Lives?

This is a Guest Post by Kishan Jain, Director at Goldmedal Electricals

The impact of the pandemic has caused disruption in the lives of every individual across the globe and has transformed the way we live. The pandemic has, however, led to an increased adoption of digital technologies in day-to-day functioning.

The shift toward contactless technology solutions has also seen a growth and the segment has been expanding over the years, especially with the invention of voice-controlled devices. The COVID-19 pandemic created a trigger to move away from physical touch, alerting the world on the potential invisible risks.

This fear has forced an acceleration for a touch-free experience that is now stirring as a practice in everyday lives. This demand is bringing innovative offerings as brands strive to eliminate any risks that could generate fear among the consumers. 

With increasing access to contactless digital accessibility and connected appliances combined with the adoption of work from home culture, there has been an uptick in the demand for IoT based home automation products and solutions among the consumers.

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) are also taking a centre stage as these technologies are set to change the face of the world.

Building a healthy and safe environment

Today, hygiene measures and health care have become the topmost priority and the pandemic has put the spotlight on contactless technology.

With the installation of products equipped with contactless technology such as smart switches, smart lights, smart television sets, video intercoms, alarm panels and others, there has been an increase in the number of homes expanding the use of technology to manage temperature, lighting, and maintain security.

This has resulted in the consumers getting accustomed to the comfort of operating with contactless technology in their domestic life and expect a similar practice in the office. This change in lifestyle has pushed the growth of smart buildings that will offer an increased focus on well-being and safety in the workplace. Smart offices will consist of automated systems that simplify building operations, from air conditioning and heating to illumination and protection.

Buildings with smart and contactless technology can boost a safer and healthier space for an organisation’s environment and sustainability. 

Partner for senior citizens

Contactless technology is also becoming the most desirable technology for senior citizens as it enhances their lifestyle by ushering convenience at an affordable price. Contactless technology allows senior citizens to access all appliances and gadgets without being physically present or the need for moving from one place to another.

For senior citizens, especially those who live alone, an entirely automated home is an absolute helping hand. There is a smart solution for all their requirements without compromising their quality of life. All devices from doorbells to lights to home appliances are accessible through mobile apps, remote controls, or voice-activated assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, making it extremely convenient for them to stay independent.

These smart technologies illustrate some of the trends that will unfold as a daily practice in the new normal.

Voice assistants, Infrared scanning and temperature sensors, face recognition, self-cleaning locations are among the most popular contactless technology. Consumers have demonstrated that contactless technology plays a major role in the way we live, purchase products, and obtain information.

Today, taking measures to maintain hygiene and sanitation have become an integral part of our lives and companies are offering unique and innovative products & solutions that bring comfort and security to the consumers. In addition to safety, contactless technology is discarding the requirement for manual effort and offering seamless implementation to everyday tasks.

In the post-Covid world, contactless technology will not only simplify everyday tasks but also offer a sense of safety and security to all. 

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