It’s Official: Signal Beats Whatsapp To Become World’s Fastest Growing Messenger App

In the light of controversial privacy policy of WhatsApp, people have started finding alternatives and also are resorting to other apps. Rival of Whatsapp, Signal is lauded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is getting being received well by people.

Signal Emerged As World’s Fastest Growing Messenger App

Due to this, the original announced date by WhatsApp to accept the privacy policy is not only being delayed, but now more than ever more and more people are moving to Signal. Both in terms of downloads as well as monthly active users in the first quarter of the year, Signal has become the fastest growing app worldwide.

Telegram is yet another app which is being extensively worldwide as an alternate to WhatsApp.  The feature-rich app may not be as simple to use as WhatsApp but is useful in more ways than one. According to the downloads as per the report, it stands at number 3 in the world. As far as its MAUs (Monthly active users) are concerned, it is at 2nd number globally as it has more monthly active users than Telegram.

The tipping point has definitely been the WhatsApp privacy policy. Privacy and the stance of WhatsApp with its privacy policy has taken the attention of everyone and those who care for their privacy are either looking for alternatives or have already shifted to other apps.

Signal Vs Telegram

The messaging platform has taken a sucker punch due to the bizarre privacy policy. We all know that one man’s loss is another man’s gain. Hence, Signal and Telegram are being downloaded more and more in these days. Signal trumps Telegram as far as simplicity is concerned whereas the latter gives a better feature-rich experience.

This does not mean that Signal lacks features as it offers a built-in image editing tool that enables its users to crop and flips their photos, fast operability and a cool dark mode which gives it a panache and urbane feel. With a rating of 4.5 stars, it has been totally installed in 50,000,000+ times.

Signal was launched recently, whereas Telegram has been into existence since quite some time now and hence its very natural for it to have been downloaded more number of times. It allows you to make group chats with up to 200,000 members, and also enables one to find groups and communities related to your interests. What is interesting to see is that which app will rule the instant messaging world!

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