Railways Spend Rs 6 Lakh On Every AC Coach To Fight Covid-19: 4 Biggest Changes Made

Railways Spend Rs 6 Lakh On Every AC Coach To Fight Covid-19: 4 Biggest Changes Made
Railways Spend Rs 6 Lakh On Every AC Coach To Fight Covid-19: 4 Biggest Changes Made

We have diligently covered every movement in the Indian national carrier, the Indian Railways, keeping you all constantly updated of all the activities in the sector.

A lot has changed in the Indian Railways, with the invasion of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, we published a story encapsulating all the compulsory safety guidelines notified by the Indian Railways, for travel during the festival season.

You can find that here.

To further ensure safer travels, the Ministry of Railways headed by Piyush Goyal has incorporated a list of safety features in both AC and non-AC train coaches, to make train travels as hygienic and safe, as possible.

Let’s have a look at these enhancements.

Safety Measures Added and Passenger Reviews

A few months back, Indian Railways rolled out new train coaches equipped with all the safety net features, amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala designed two coaches for post-pandemic travel purposes, one AC coach and one non-AC coach.

In order to bolster health requirements considering the pandemic, the Railways added features like modification of temperature and air-circulation settings in AC coaches.

In fact, a Railway passenger posted a positive review of one of his travel experience, while travelling by Chennai – Coimbatore Intercity Special train.

He stated that as the train was really hygienic, he is confident to travel again, shall the features be maintained.

List of Added Features for Safer Train Travels

The Railway ministry introduced a number of changes and added features in AC coaches, to ensure robust and safe journeys for Railway passengers, and to pass on a sense of confidence for further use of trains, among these travelers.

To achieve this, Indian Railways has spent an approximate amount of Rs 6 to 7 lakhs per coach, to incorporate all the safety features.

  • Hands-free amenities, like foot-operated water tap, soap dispenser, lavatory door, latches in these doors, flush valve and compartment door handle operated by arm.
  • Due to its antimicrobial properties, handrails and latches inside the coaches are coated by copper. It is known to inactivate the virus (if any) on the surface of these bodies, in just a couple of hours.
  • Speaking of ventilation in AC coaches, these newly-added coaches are incorporated with Plasma Air Purifier in the AC duct.
  • Additionally, sterilization of air and surfaces in these coaches is done using ionised air so that the coach becomes coronavirus and particulate matter resistant.
  • Titanium dioxide is used for coating, as it is eco-friendly and kills bacteria, mold, viruses, fungal growth, along with enhancing indoor air quality.  

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