Permanent Work From Home For Microsoft Employees! Is Hybrid Workplace The Future?

Microsoft now allows most of its employees to work from home permanently, while also releasing its hybrid work model.
Microsoft now allows most of its employees to work from home permanently, while also releasing its hybrid work model.

The ‘Work from Home’ work ethic, originated due to the ongoing pandemic is now sinking its claws in organisational workplace models, more than ever.

As different IT giants all around the globe are coming forward and announcing a much more ‘permanent’ sense of remote working/work from home, we bring to you another such news this time coming straight from the American multinational tech company, Microsoft.

As per a blog announcement released by Microsoft on Friday (Oct 9), the software maker will allow a large chunk of its employees to shift to permanent work from home model, under a ‘hybrid workplace’ regime.

Microsoft’s ‘Hybrid Workplace’ Model

The software giant has unveiled a hybrid workplace ‘hybrid workplace’ model, as per which the company will offer more guidance and flexibility to its employees, once its US offices reopens.

They have also announced that keeping in mind, a positive manager and team alignment, Microsoft employees will be allowed to work from home permanently.

Such employees can choose to work remotely on a permanent basis, provided they give up their assigned office space.

Also, employees will be allowed to freely WFH, for less than 50% of their working week.

“We will offer as much flexibility as possible to support individual workstyles, while balancing business needs, and ensuring we live our culture.”, says Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer, Kathleen Hogan.

Which Roles Need to Compulsory Attend Office?

While most employees will be able to work from home on a less than 50% working week model, there will be certain roles, which will require employees’ in-office presence.

Microsoft has highlighted few of such roles, which will be very difficult to accomplish through remote working.

Such roles include the ones requiring hardware labs, data centers, and in-person training.

Microsoft WFH Perks to Employees

Speaking of permanent work from home, Microsoft will also give its employees the option to relocate domestically with approval, or even to move internationally, if remote working is an option.

Speaking of international relocation for employees, compensation and benefits will vary on Microsoft office’s geopay scale of that location.

The company will also cover all the home office setup expenses of its permanent remote workers, with the exclusion of relocation costs, which the employee will have to bear by themselves.

Employees can enjoy flexible working hours without manager approvals and request them for part-time work hours.

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