3 Biggest Disadvantages Of Work From Home As Per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

3 Biggest Disadvantages Of Work From Home As Per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
3 Biggest Disadvantages Of Work From Home As Per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

While many IT companies reported a hike in productivity with the start of work from home with the spur of the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft Corp. has come up as a major beneficiary from this WFH boom.

At the same time, companies Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella has mentioned some of the downfalls with this approach.

3 Biggest Disadvantages Of Work From Home

While talking about these shortcomings on Tuesday, Nadella said that the online meetings can make employees tired and make it difficult to transition from a work mindset to private life at The Wall Street Journal CEO Council. 

Nadella further added, “When you are working from home, it sometimes feels like you are sleeping at work,”.

While citing brain studies on the subject, he said that video meetings can be particularly enervating.

“Thirty minutes into your first video meeting in the morning, because of the concentration one needs to have in the video, you are fatigued,” he added.

 With remote working, employees miss some of the benefits of the office as “Video meetings are more transactional and Work happens before meetings, after meetings,”.

The pandemic is teaching him about the value of transitions between work and personal activities, according to Nadella.

Nadella said, “I am learning more about transitions, so how do you transition? Do you have dinner with the family?”.

Now he is paying more attention to his schedule.

What Is The Solution?

No worries there since  Microsoft has come up with a new product to address these issues.

According to this, Together Mode places participants on video calls in a virtual space like an auditorium or meeting room or maybe a coffee bar to give a feel of an office-like atmosphere.

Despite the pandemic, the company’s shares have surged more than 30% this year as many corporate customers sign up for more of the company’s cloud services and internet-based software subscriptions which helps in providing the infrastructure to work from home.

Nadella sympathized with employees joining companies while working remotely. 

As learning, re-skilling, upskilling is going to become a huge issue.

In the meantime, workers in the country continue to face the uncomfortable situation of burnout while working from home. 

As they are struggling to maintain a balance or rather separation between work and personal life.

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