TCS Management Finding It Tough To Bring Millennials Back To Office: What Next?

The largest Indian IT company is having run for its money in order to call back its employees to work from office. 

TCS Management Finding It Tough To Bring Millennials Back To Office: What Next?

The WFH which was made the modus operandi due to pandemic, is something that is bothersome to the company now.

Last year, TCS announced a 25/25 model which was to be implemented by 2025. As per this policy, the company wanted that only a quarter of its employees would be required to work from the office at any given point and would spend only a quarter of their time in the office.

However, now the company wants that the employees should return to office. The IT major is now luring the employees with nostalgic pictures on its social media handles as only a few (not more than 20 per cent) TCS employees have returned to work from office. 

Millennials Averse to WFO 

Millennials seem to have a liking for WFO and are in no mood to return to office. Millennials, who form 70 per cent of the TCS workforce and had returned to their hometowns to save on travel and residential costs amid the pandemic, are questioning this move.

They are averse to the move and say that company is not following, what it once preached. 

N Ganapathy Subramaniam, COO, TCS said that “Customers have begun visiting our offices and labs and while we see the views of the youngsters about having flexibility, customers’ requirements, choices, compliance risks and regulations also have to be considered”.

Remote Work Transactional & Less Professional Growth: TCS COO 

As per the COO, the company can’t have new joinees not seeing a TCS office or interacting with role models as mentors.

Calling remote work as a very transactional experience, he said that it is neither in the interest of the organization or these young professionals, as they will miss out on gaining holistic professional growth.

He said that ‘Mentoring done within an office through personal interactions’

TCS COO speaking of 25/25 said that it is a “well thought-out operating model” and also that they were the first ones to announce it. He added that “We have taken a calibrated approach to this model of the future, and we are committed to implementing it. Values are imparted and mentoring is done within an office through personal interactions at the workplace which is very important for younger employees”.

Sources from the company said that in the year 2021, the IT major had recruited nearly 100,000 people.

He said that while many have joined the company remotely, and many of them quit this year without ever attending the TCS office.

Speaking about the millennials, the HR experts said that there is a world of difference between the approach of millennials at work, compared with the previous generations.

A senior executive close to TCS said that “TCS leadership has to communicate more with the millennials on the subject. If the attrition in the IT sector is anything to go by, one can clearly see a very demanding young talent rejecting bureaucracy. Companies have to make efforts to understand the younger generation”.

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