Perks For Working From Home: Rs 70,000 Incentive, Food Voucher, Zumba, Yoga & More

Different companies have come up with compensations and perks for their employees working from home.
Different companies have come up with compensations and perks for their employees working from home.

Right since the onset of a nationwide lockdown and pandemic declaration, offices and workplaces have shifted their workstations remotely, enabling the Work from Home model.

We have incessantly been covering relaxations and compensations given by different organizations to their employees, so as to ensure a healthy mind and body for them.

In this article, we will be mentioning different steps taken by some companies, which are contributing to a healthy WFH environment for employees working remotely, amidst the pandemic.


EY to Plan Online Contests for Employees in Diwali

Recently on Onam, the consulting firm EY virtually celebrated the festival, by letting its employees upload pictures and songs of celebrations on an internal forum.

The company plans the same for Diwali too, along with exciting online contests.

It also has many forums like ‘quarantine and chill’, where employees can virtually spend time with each other, along with online stress management workshops.

As per an employee, the company encourages them to take at least two leaves every month.

 Nissan Motor Corp.

Being in metro cities like Bangalore, the company is giving them perks like food order vouchers and personal smart devices to monitor health, among others.


Similar to IT majors like Google and Cisco are giving away additional sums from $300-$1000 to their employees, for buying comfortable infrastructural support like office desks and swivel chairs, the travel start-up company Ixigo too has contributed to its employees’ infrastructural comfort.

It has  just allowed everyone a WFH Enablement Fund till December so that they can purchase items like ergonomic chairs, headphones, wireless router and other essentials.


A Chennai-based startup called CrayonData is concerned about its employees physical and mental health.

Several Yoga studios in cities like Bengaluru have tied up with resorts and OYO townhouses that are left without guests in the pandemic to offer fitness training sessions.

Consequently, it has started online Zumba classes and craft-coaching like Origami classes for its employees.

Source: Livemint

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