This Business Tycoon Wants Work From Home Employees To Be Fired If They Won’t Return To Office!

Soon after Alan Sugar took to Twitter, his views on work from home, there has been outpour of views from people who are working from home.

This Business Tycoon Wants Work From Home Employees To Be Fired If They Won't Return To Office!

Recently, a journalist Andrew Pierce tweeted about the government selling off Whitehall offices for £1.5 billion. This decision was taken by the government in the light of the fact that people are not coming to work from offices. He said that “Why doesn’t the government order them back to their desks?”

Calling People As “Lazy Gits”

Not just that, he went a step ahead to call these people “lazy gits.” Addressing these people are “lazy gits”, he said that they rather than working these people watch golf and tennis at home. He said that “Lazy gits watching golf and tennis at home while they are supposed to be working. We, the taxpayers, are paying them. Get them back to the office or fire them.”

Speaking about a Good Morning Britain report that talked about raises for people working from home, Sugar called the report “rubbish” and said “They have to pay rent, heating and rates with or without a full workplace. People should be paid less; they are saving travel costs.”

Exchange of Words on Twitter

Not just that, but Sugar actively participated and exchanged words with netizens registering their discontent with his opinion and indulged in the Twitter banter. 

One user said, “It is amazing how far behind you are with current times, considering you are a billionaire.” Instantly replying to the person, he said “Listen scumbag, most who work from home watch more TV than work. There are a few exceptions, but the majority are lazy gits.”

There was a user who said that there is an opportunity for corporates to save money by not paying rent for expensive office spaces “and all the heating, air conditioning and electricity that goes with it.”

He said that “What planet are you living on? Businesses are not saving any money they have to pay rent, heating, and rates for the building they occupy. Sorry, you are talking rubbish.”

“Lord Sugar does not like people working from home while he works from home (wee, his yacht). On rule for the poor and different rules for the rich,” wrote one user. To which, Sugar replied, “You are an ignorant person.”

The businessman are called an user “deluded” who claimed that “the majority of people who work from home are more likely to work longer and outside the normal office hours.”

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