65% Employees Are Unhappy Because Of Work From Office Rule; May Resign In Next 6 Months (Survey Results)

Looking for remote work opportunities, a Linkedin user(name concealed) updated her profile.

65% Employees Are Unhappy Because Of Work From Office Rule; May Resign In Next 6 Months (Survey Results)

She is in plight; her plight is difficulty in going back to the pre covid working style. Though one will not be moved to tears of sympathy by her plight, but it is not she alone but many others who have the same concern.

Some are not happy while others are planning to quit their current jobs due to the ‘work-from-office’ diktat. This comes amid the companies calling back their employees to work from office. 

‘uKnowva’, which is a 360-degree cloud-based & mobile-enabled business software that helps to scale and automate everyday business operations, conducted a survey regarding the work trends and preferences, only to find out that calling back employees to work from office is adversely affecting the mental health of the employees.    

As per Work Trends, 29% Happier To Work From Home

As per the survey revelation, employees feel 29% more happier working from home than from the office. 

uKnowva founder and CEO Vicky Jain says, “The remote work or work from home trend was initially taken up by employers due to the pandemic, but after more than two years into the pandemic, remote working has become the new normal and new habits have been formed. The workforce has found a new love with remote working which gives them the freedom and productivity they desire. Remote work enables employees to choose their preferred environment for working and being productive.”

It is not just the IT, but across industries candidates are looking more and more for remote work options. As compared to the typical on site jobs, hybrid is still tolerable for people.

CEO of uKnowva said that as compared to the in-office counterparts, remote workers are substantially more productive and happier.

Women More Likely To Quit, Happier in WFH Setting

Women, in general, have taken a liking for the WFH option as due to staying in home they are able to manager work and life better as do not have to travel or be away from their house. 

Now those women who are asked to work from office are not typically either looking for other job or else are again struggling to strike the right balance between work and home.

The negative impact is not just pertaining to the dissatisfaction, but also the fact that unhappy employees are most likely to resign from their jobs in the next six months and 57% will be women.

Now, we are already aware of the great resignation, in order to retain the employees, companies are finding more and more ways of engaging the employees to acclimatise with the work from office mode.

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