Redmi Note 8T With Snapdragon 730G In The Making: Specs, Pricing, India Launch

While Xiaomi is yet to launch its latest Redmi Note 8 series in the country, the company reportedly has already started to work on a new Note 8 variant, Redmi Note 8T. Redmi Note 8 series was unveiled last month in China, and the devices are coming to India in November.

Redmi Note 8T With Snapdragon 730G In The Making: Specs, Pricing, India Launch (in pic: Note 8 Pro)

Redmi Note 8 series includes a regular Redmi Note 8 and a Pro model, Redmi Note 8 Pro.

The latest T model under the Redmi Note 8 series will succeed the just-launched Redmi Note 8 as Redmi Note 8T. Just as OnePlus, Xiaomi will now launch a mid-year T model with some slight upgrades instead of a new generation Note series.

Redmi Note 8T: What’s In The Box?

Redmi operates as an independent brand in China, and the company is supposedly working on a new Redmi Note 8 smartphone, as per the leaked sources. With both the Redmi Note 8 models out, the leak hints at the T model, which was even earlier hinted in multiple leaks.

The company has been upgrading its smartphones very quick, and the latest generations have very little gap.

Hence a T model will allow the company to offer the upgraded features in a short period instead of launching a new generation series altogether.

The freshly leaked Redmi Note 8T smartphone will come with Qualcomm’s latest gaming-centric Snapdragon 730G chip. Redmi Note 8 Pro already runs on MediaTek Helio G90T, a mid-end flagship gaming processor.

In comparison, the Snapdragon 730G chip from Qualcomm packs in AI-powered gaming features with higher clock speed and better performance compared to MediaTek Helio G90T SoC on Note 8 Pro.

Redmi vs Realme: Redmi Note 8T To Clash With Realme XT 730G?

It’s not only Redmi who’s working on a Snapdragon 730G smartphone, Realme is also planning to launch a special Snapdragon 730G variant of it’s newly launched Realme XT. The smartphone will come with almost the same features as the current XT model, but there’s a few extra flagship features to be added with the device.

Realme XT 730G will feature a similar AMOLED screen, quad camera system, 64MP Samsung GW1 sensor, in-display fingerprint sensor and the big battery will be there as it is.

Snapdragon 730G will replace the current Snapdragon 712 chip featuring an improved Adreno 618 GPU with added special gaming-centric features to offer an enhanced flagship-level gaming experience. The rear cameras on Realme XT 730G will remain the same as the standard Realme XT.

The other upgrades include faster fast charging at 30W. Realme XT 730G will come with 30W VOOC FlashCharge support, that’s the same as OnePlus 30W WarpCharge support you get with OnePlus 7 Pro. Also, Realme XT 730G will come with an improved 32MP camera upfront inside the notch and Android 10 out of the box.

Redmi Note 8T is likely come with a quad camera setup as Redmi Note 8 Pro. Note 8T either may come with the same 48-megapixel primary sensor  from Redmi Note 8 or the 64-megapixel sensor from Redmi Note 8 Pro, world’s first 64MP camera smartphone.

Redmi Note 8T India Launch, Redmi Note 8T India Price

Realme is supposed to launch Realme XT 730G edition in December, and Note 8T is also expected around the same time. The company will unveil Redmi Note 8 series in the country in early November, and the Note 8T India launch will take around another one or two months.

Realme XT 730G India launch will happen in early December, and it will be a direct competitor to Note 8T.

Redmi Note 8T India price will start at around Rs 18,000, and the base model may cost Rs 16,999 (approx). Redmi Note 8T price in India will also depend on the Redmi Note 8 pricing, which is also expected to be very aggressive, starting at around Rs 10,000.  

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