Indian Railways Launch India’s 1st Biometric Token System For Passengers: How Does It Work?

Indian Railways Launch India's 1st Biometric Token System For Passengers
Indian Railways Launch India’s 1st Biometric Token System For Passengers

Those who travel by railways on a regular basis know the disarray that happens in the unreserved coaches in the trains. The incessant rush, the crowd, and the stampede make it extremely difficult for everyone to travel.

To avoid the mayhem caused every day in the unreserved coaches, the Indian Railways has come up with the biometric system as a solution. Passengers will be given a token and this token system will be completely based on biometrics. 

This is the first-ever biometric token system introduced in India’s history. 

How does this biometric system for tokens work? Find out all about it right here!

Indian Railways Introduces India’s First-Ever Biometric Token System

Indian Railways has always been getting complaints about the excessive rush in the general coaches where there is no reservation system. 

The first biometric token system was tested out at Western Railway division’s Mumbai Central railway station and Bandra Terminus. Indian Railways has obtained 4 biometric machines, 2 each for the Mumbai Central railway station and Bandra Terminus station.  

Here is a list of all the trains in which the biometric system will be introduced in the general class coaches:

  • Amravati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Jaipur Superfast Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Karnavati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Gujarat Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Paschim Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Amaravati Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Avadh Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (Bandra Terminus)

How Does The Biometric Token System Work?

All passengers who will buy tickets for the general class coach will first get their fingerprints scanned at the biometric machine. The machine will then dispense a token which will have a serial number on it.

The number of tokens will be exactly equal to the number of seats in a specific general class coach. 

Some moments before the rake is placed on the platform, the passengers are then required to form a queue as per the serial number that is on the token

There will be RPF (Railway Protection Staff) staff present at the entry of the general class coach, who will check the token serial number and then let the passenger enter the coach. 

Ravinder Bhakar, CPRO of Western Railway said, “This machine also captures images of passengers, eliminating the need for video recording of passengers boarding general class coaches.”

This is a great initiative by the Indian Railways, don’t you think? It will definitely help make our commute easy and breathable! Share your opinions in the comments section right below!

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