Kerala Goes Big On Blockchain – Supply Of Fish, Milk To Be Optimized With Technology!

Kerala Govt. has some big plans with blockchain and IoT, especially for e-Governance

Kerala Govt.'s massive push for blockchain begins!
Kerala Govt.’s massive push for blockchain begins!

Blockchain is surely, but gradually becoming a lot more than cryptocurrency – They are now becoming the very foundation based on which e Governance and other citizen centric initiatives can kickstart.

Kerala Govt. has set a new standard of e Governance, as they have launched several interesting projects, powered by blockchain.

These projects are very interesting, and can be a basis of further research – Not because they are based on purely blockchain, but because it impacts the lives of the common man.

Last year, Andhra Pradesh had become the first state to use blockchain for major e-Governance projects. Now, Kerala has just become the second.

Supply-Chain Of Fish, Milk Will Be Optimised With Blockchain!

In layman terms, blockchain creates a distributed ledger, which will tamper-proof, and can be updated at the same time, from different locations.

Now, when combined with IoT and hardware centric features, then blockchain becomes a very powerful platform.

Kerala Govt. has now decided to use IoT and Blockchain in supply of fast moving products like fish, milk and vegetables in the state.

This project is being spearheaded by  Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC), which is a think tank, dedicated towards using emerging  technologies in essential processes and tasks.

How Will It Blockchain Work In Supply-Chain?

The biggest corruption in the supply-chain of fast moving consumer goods happen, when the reported quantity doesn’t match with the actual quantity.

Blockchain will remove this hurdle.

For instance, in the case of supply of milk, Kerala Govt. and K-DISC will monitor the entire journey of milk distribution, across every point: right from the dairy to the trucks, to warehouse and distribution points.

Every route and container will have special, unique ID numbers, which can be used to track it.

Special RFID would be created, which will track the journey of milk from the origin to the destination.

As per K M Abraham, Chairman of K-DISC, blockchain and these special RFID will help the Govt. to track procurement, production and distribution of milk supply, at every point.

Similarly, RFIDs and Blockchains would be used to monitor the movement of fishes from lakes into the freezers of the end-user.

Interestingly, K-DISC has also launched a mass-employment scheme under Accelerated Blockchain Competency Development (ABCD). This program will create thousands of blockchain experts in Kerala, who can use the platform to create newer, exciting apps and tools.

As per initial reports, around 25,000 Blockchain experts and 5,000 certified IoT coders would emerge, in the next three years.

Do you think Kerala has set a new benchmark for other states, when it comes to usage of blockchain in e-Governance?

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