Govt.’s Big Blockchain Push: Educational Degrees Will Be Now Secured By Blockchain!

Though the Indian Government is not so keen on cryptocurrencies, it has very much embraced blockchain, the technology behind it.


Government's Blockchain Push

Blockchain has been one of the focus areas for the present Govt., as several interesting e-Governance projects have already been announced, which aims to use blockchain.

We have already reported how blockchain is now being adopted by banks for securing their transactions, by state governments for ensuring fair land deals, and more recently by insurance companies for storing & sharing health records of their customers.

Now, reports are emerging that IndiaChain powered blockchain will now help Govt. to award educational degrees, and this has the potential to disrupt the industry.

How exactly can blockchain help the education industry and e-Governance?  

We will soon find out.

Blockchain For Education!

FactorDaily has reported that Indian Govt.’s first big initiative of blockchain technology would be ‘tamper-proof’ educational degrees. As per another report, this will kickstart from 2019, when IITs will be among the first institutions to award their degrees using blockchain.

This will be part of Govt. of India’s e-Governance push, and it shall be IndiaChain’s first major implementation.

One of the sources said,

“The pilot trials will begin soon and once that is successfully completed, the full-scale implementation will start. The plan is to start issuing digital certificates on the blockchain (IndiaChain) from the 2019 batch onwards,”

Two very crucial initiatives: IndiaChain and IndiaStack will empower this educational push of blockchain technology in India.

While IndiaChain is collectively termed as a set of e-Governance initiatives using blockchain as the platform, IndiaStack is a combination of Govt. of India’s digital identification databases and digital locker program.

How Can Blockchain Help Education?

Educational frauds are a common thing in India, and by spending few thousand bucks, anyone can acquire a degree, albeit a fake one.

It takes a substantial sum of money to verify the authenticity of a degree, and not every employer can afford that.

Here, comes the utility of blockchain, which is basically a decentralized open ledger, where any change needs the agreement of all the stakeholders.

Govt. is planning to store the records of educational degrees on the blockchain, so that they become tamper-free, and verification of those degrees becomes easier and seamless.

Ministry of Human Resource Development can also use this database when foreign employers seek verification of the Indians who are applying for jobs over there.

We are speculating that maybe, in the future, Aadhaar can be linked with such blockchain enabled databases, and help the employers to verify the claim of the employees, using one simple search.

Certainly, this is one exciting development, as usage of blockchain can open new doors of opportunities, in literally every field.

We will keep you updated as we receive more inputs.

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