Blockchain For E-Governance? Andhra Pradesh Leads The Way!

Andhra Pradesh will become the first Indian state to use Blockchain technology for E-Governance


Blockchain For E-Governance

In a historic announcement, Andhra Pradesh CM N. Chandrababu Naidu has declared that they will use blockchain technology for e-Governance, thereby becoming the first such state in India to do so.

This is a historic, watershed moment for entire India as e-Governance takes a big leap towards embracing technology in a better way.

Andhra Pradesh CM: We Will Use Blockchain Now!

During an event related to adoption and expansion of blockchain technology in Vishakhapatnam,  Andhra Pradesh CM N. Chandrababu Naidu informed all attendees, that blockchain is the future of e-Governance in the state.

And the usage won’t be a standalone case.

India’s largest repository of case studies pertaining to blockchain usage would be created, which can be used by startups in this niche to learn and expand.

As per CM Naidu, blockchain would be used for enhancing cyber security, and to make the whole system more safe.

To start with, blockchain technology will be used to encrypting documents in land records department and transport department; and very soon, it would be expanded to all other Govt. departments.

The CM also announced that Andhra Pradesh is the most progressive state when it comes to adoption of technology, as Andhra accounts for 60% of India’s Aadhaar usage.

Blockchain’s Rapid Expansion, Globally

The use and adoption of blockchain technology is expanding at a rapid pace, all over the world, and it seems that e-Governance is the most widely used application as of now.

Recently, Dubai announced that they will put 100% of their records pertaining to land registry on blockchain.

Dubai Land Department (DLD), in fact, has claimed to be the first such Govt. department anywhere in the world, to adopt blockchain for such high level task.

Dubai Govt. issued an official press release, which said: “DLD has created the blockchain system using a smart and secure database that records all real estate contracts, including lease registrations, and links them with the Dubai Electricity & water Authority (DEWA), the telecommunications system and various property related bills.”

In February this year, Republic of Georgia declared that they will use blockchain technology to ‘validate property-related government transactions.’

Last year, in April, Georgian Govt. and bitcoin hardware and software firm Bitfury Group launched a project to register all land titles via private bitcoin blockchain network, which was another first in e-Governance.

Countries like Sweden, Honduras and others are also developing such similar blockchain based systems, for enabling secured eGovernance.

In fact, European Union’s commercial research group, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has already launched a program to grant 2.7 billion euros to 1000 projects, who are developing systems and solutions using blockchain technology. It is called ‘Blockchain for Social Good’.

Can India’s entire e-Governance ‘dashboard’ be created using Blockchain one day?

We will soon find out.

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  1. ZAP says

    Telangana Govt is first to use Blockchain for land registry.The pilot has started in June in Hyderabad with assistance from C-DAC

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