WiFi is Changing After 14 Years – Find Out What Are The Major Changes!

WPA3 standard promises more safety and more security

WPA3 would be the new standard of WiFi
WPA3 would be the new standard of WiFi

The mobile data may get cheaper with every passing day, but still most of us are comfortable using WiFi. Firstly, it’s faster than most of the cellular connections and most importantly it doesn’t drain up your battery as fast as mobile data does. Nowadays, almost every electrical device is compatible with WiFi.

But the WiFi we have been using for years is actually not very safe. The WiFi devices use a security protocol which is in use since 2004. With time the attacks over the internet has grown and security remains a major concern to safeguard personal data.


So, What’s Changing?

Soon the newer WiFi devices will start to support WPA3. The WPA3 is an updated security protocol to the former WPA2 security standard which has been in use since 2004. The new WPA3 protocol will come with some improved and added layer of protections for the devices which are connected to the new upgraded WiFi device.

Now it will be a little more harder for the hackers to crack your WiFi password.

Things will not change in terms of usage but the security will see a major change. Users will still have to type in their password and normally connect to the WiFi network.

Will My WiFi Device/Router Get WPA3?

Your old WiFi router or system cannot be updated with WPA3 via an OTA upgrade. The device needs to be configured and only newer devices will support WPA3 protections. But still, some of the old devices may get an update to support it, the lists of such devices will come out soon.

Now the same goes for all the devices and gadgets you use with your WiFi. You need to have a device which will support WPA3, or wait for an update that will upgrade your old ones.

Top WPA3 Features

The WPA3 is a security WiFi upgrade that will protect your WiFi device and the devices connected to the system. The features that the new WPA3 will bring to the table are –

  1. Password Guessing Attacks

WiFi systems are very vulnerable to password guessing attacks. The WPA3 system will protect the device against any offline threat or if any hacker has attacked your device to steal data from your WiFi stream.

  1. Forward Secrecy

The forward secrecy is a privacy feature which will prevent the device from the older data being compromised if an attack happens later. Even if a hacker is able to get into the device, it will still not be able to read any of your older data.

  1. Easy Connect

The Easy Connect feature will make the connecting to a WiFi easier. Easy Connect will make the process easy as connecting to gadgets to your router can be done just by scanning a QR code with your phone. The WiFi credentials will be automatically sent to the newer device at your home.

The new WPA3 security update is not mandatory for a new router to be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, and the adoption of new WPA3-enabled devices among the masses will take a lot of time, especially in countries like India.

When was the last time did you change your WiFi router? Comment if you will change your router for WPA3 security.

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