Reliance Sets Its Sights On IoT In India; Blockchain & AI Will Be The Future!

The company has roped in Ayush Sharma from Silicon Valley on board as senior vice president of engineering and technology which will drive the business around IoT.


IoT In India

After disrupting the telecom market in India with its ultra-low-cost plans and hyper-competitive tariffs, Reliance Jio is now ready to enter into the IoT space of India. Recently the company also announced their own cryptocurrency, JioCoin.

Reliance Jio is all ready to enter the space of Internet of Things (IoT) and will start with focusing on enterprises and industries first, and soon will initiate talks with car manufacturers and consumer durable companies as well.

The company has roped in Ayush Sharma from Silicon Valley on board as senior vice president of engineering and technology which will drive the business around IoT and other technologies related to it like mobile edge computing, distributed artificial intelligence and blockchain.


World’s Largest Programmable Network

Jio is working with the Indian space of IoT to enable world’s largest programmable network with some of the alternative technologies available. The company will focus on enabling consumer IoT and build a larger enterprise IoT with specific uses.

The company will not only launch IoT products but also solutions for the consumer segment of IoT and enterprise and industries as well.

Initially, Reliance Industries will use these technologies for their in-house verticals in retail and logistics to make them more intelligent with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Jio & Consumer IoT In India

Jio is working on a variety of technology vendors and plans to bring car manufacturers, consumer durables and appliances players to make a complete ecosystem. The Jio network will assist them with their platform.

Jio’s wide network will complement the IoT platform for enterprise and industrial use cases which require both bandwidth and latency. The company has recently started offering enterprise solutions along with their direct fibre-to-the-home broadband on a trial basis in a few locations.

Jio’s Broadband & Home Automation

Jio has been planning to roll out their broadband-powered home automation since Jio telecom services were launched. The fibre-to-the-home broadband will allow the users to convert their basic electronic products into smart products with the installation of a few smart plugs.

The smart plugs will help users to control their entire home with the help of a smartphone or any mobile device.

Jio will soon be launching a complete suite of home surveillance products which will include a smart camera, smart doorbell, smart lock and chime alarm. All these products can be managed from a smartphone.

Airtel Will Enter Home Automation Soon

Jio’s closest rival, Airtel is also planning to enter the home automation business with their range of smart home segment products. Bharti Airtel is working with some IoT and machine-to-machine solutions in order to expand their revenue base.

The home automation segment is still in the very early stage in India and the real application and processes have just started to work for the industry.

A recent study has revealed that the global smart home market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of around 14.5% till 2022. The total revenue is expected to grow from $24.10 billion to $53.45 billion by the end of 2022.

Jio is planning to focus on leveraging the open source ecosystem which will help the company to unlock potential in the telecom sector and expand in the home automation space.

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