25% IT Hiring In 2021 Will Be For These New Age Skills: Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning & More

There will be an increase in job opportunities in the IT sector for new age IT skills like AI, ML and cloud computing.
There will be an increase in job opportunities in the IT sector for new age IT skills like AI, ML and cloud computing.

With markets reopening and economy reviving, IT businesses too have started to gain momentum, a result of which is being witnessed in the handsome wage hikes rolled out by Indian IT biggies, along with many Tier-II IT companies too.

For the ones who are looking out for employment in the IT and software sector, the sun has finally decided to shine on you.

After almost 9 months of job losses and salary cuts, there is finally a silver lining.

With industries all around the globe showing such heavy reliance on technical support and cloud services, job opportunities and hiring in the IT sector is expected to rise in 2021, especially for a particular set of skills.

Let’s see what can be expected of future IT applicants.

25% Overall Hike in Hiring for These Sectors

Han Digital, an Indian talent consulting firm has reported that due to an increase in use of tech and software services, 2021 can see an almost 25% surge in hiring of applicants in the IT sector, from just a set of skills.

These job opportunities will mainly look for new-age digital skills among applicants, which include domains of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data engineering, and robotic process automation (RPA).

Hirings in Indian IT Business Process Management or IT-BPMs have increased in the second quarter of the current fiscal year.

Saran Balasundaram, founder and CEO, Han Digital assures, “By fiscal 2021-22, we anticipate the top 300 IT-BPM companies to invest in hiring the talent across the DARQ stack which refers to distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing.”

Hiring in Other Sectors Too

Han Digital has also reported that it is not just the IT sector which will be looking forward to an influx of new employees, come 2021.

It adds that the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) sector too is looking forward to add about 15000 employees in headcount, in 2021.

“This sector will hire employees in digital, product development, information security, IT infrastructure and application services skills”, says Balasundaram.

In the Business process management (BPM) sector too, the headcount will rise across creative services, insurance process, clinical research outsourcing (CRO), and finance & accounting transformation.

Naukri JobSpeak Index reports that in October alone, the IT software and services sector has pushed its hiring to 7%, as a result of a virtual and digitally enabled world.

300% Increase in Cloud Learning Programs

With different sectors from all kinds of job verticals looking out for people with specific skill sets, applicants too are indulging into upskilling themselves, now more than ever.

In a recent report submitted by Jigsaw Academy, upskilling programs like Business Analytics have witnessed a over 130% rise in enrollments, during the pandemic.

“Enrollments in our cloud program have increased two-fold and we have witnessed a whopping 300% increase in learners’ interest in other emerging technology courses.

Professionals with business intelligence skills, cyber security skills, and cloud skills will find higher chances of career growth in 2021, as compared to 2020.”, says Jigsaw Academy CEO Gaurav Vohra.

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