Call Centre Jobs At Risk Because Google’s New AI + Automation Tool Is Here!

The new AI + Automation software can replicate what humans employees do.

Google AI will replace call centre jobs
Google AI will replace call centre jobs

After affecting manufacturing, IT Testing and several other sectors, automation and AI have now set their target on call centre jobs.

Google’s new AI and Automation tool is all set to replace call centres’ human employees, very soon.

Are you prepared?

Google’s New AI Powered Virtual Agents Are Here

When we call to a particular call centre, then normally it is a human which answers, and resolve our problems.

However, Google has some other plans.

They have developed an Artificial Intelligence enabled automation system wherein virtual agents will receive the call first from the customers.

The system has been developed by Google in association with Cisco and Genesys.

This software and the package is called “Contact Center AI”, wherien virtual agents shall be placed, instead of real humans.

During Cloud Next Conference, which is happening at San Franciso, Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist at Google said, “Our true goal is to empower a contact centre’s human agents, as well as the customers that rely on them.”

However, since the AI is a software, having unlimited memory and data processing power, it seems highly unlikely that human call centre agents will get empowered here: They can only lose their jobs.

How Will It Work?

As initial impressions, the AI + Automation system has attempted to replicate the process of a call centre, using Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, which is an expertise in creating ‘Natural conversational experiences’.

Using machine learning and implementing big data, the whole system can integrate humans, data analytics and automation into one comprehensive system.

As per Fei-Fei Li, when the AI-powered virtual agent won’t be able to assist the caller, then it will transfer the call to an human employee. Even after transferring the call, the AI will keep on working and assisting the human employee, in order to resolve the concern of the caller.

She said, “AI is empowerment, and we want to democratise that power for everyone and every business — from retail to agriculture, education to health care,”

Automation Will Kill Call Centre Jobs?

As we have shared earlier, automation and AI are changing the dynamics of the job market, at an unprecedented scale and scope.

Companies like Infosys, Tata Motors among others have already fired thousands of employees even as IT, manufacturing, textile and other sectors are embracing automation at a rapid pace.

However, when it comes to call centre jobs, then the topic is debatable.

Call Centre jobs require a human touch, an element of empathy and humane behavior, which would be hard to replicate via robots.

AI can provide solutions to a problem, but cannot make an angry customer cool down.

But as they say, with technology, anything is possible.

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  1. NetGuy says

    It’s highly likely that the ARTIFICIAL intelligence will be more intelligent than *human* intelligence, in India….. :)

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