Google’s New Innovation: Android Phones Can Now Connect Without Internet, Bluetooth!

WifiNanScan app uses WiFi Aware tech to connect devices without GPS, Bluetooth or internet.

Earlier this week, Google launched WifiNanScan App on the Play Store. The app seeks to build bridges between devices without the use of Bluetooth or internet connectivity and facilitate “quick discovery, connection, and data exchange with other Wi-Fi devices” as stated on the WiFi Alliance website.

This is an experimental step by which developers will further research WiFi Aware technology. It is also called Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) which detects nearby devices and immediately forms an independent, peer-to-peer connection with those. 

The connection has various uses at the core of which is transmission of messages or large sized data without the need for a GPS signal, internet or network infrastructure.

WiFi Aware: What Is It and Its Benefits

This technology provides personalized local and social experiences for the user without requiring GPS or internet connection. 

It currently supports devices with Android 8 or above. 

It works in larger ranges than allowed by Bluetooth

WiFi Aware establishes a connection with nearby devices whether indoors or in a crowded environment.

Users need not worry about the app draining their phone battery since this tech was designed to be power efficient.

Privacy is not a matter of concern as it is up to the users whether they want to opt in or out of identity disclosure.

The potential uses of this technology paints a better picture of how exactly NAN works and how it can be seen at work in day to day life.

Potential Uses

  • Includes ability to send a document to a printer without the need for network connectivity.
  • Walking by a store or restaurant and reserving a table, both without internet and even when the establishment is closed. 
  • For students, checking in to school and entering their name in the roll call can be automated.
  • Document checks in airports such as furnishing personal identification at the entrance and security/customs/immigration checks inside the airports no longer have to be done with the physical IDs.
  • Self driving cars could also use this to alert other autonomous cars of hazards,GPS coordinates, directions and help in traffic decongestion.
  • A group of devices can be interconnected when playing games on mobile.
  • One device owner can have another listen to the same song.
  • A group of people can use interconnectivity to coordinate meetups or find friends in crowded venues.

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