Zomato Rolls Out Free Takeaway For All Restaurants; Reports 200% Increase In Order Value!

Zomato Rolls Out Free Takeaway For All Restaurants; Reports 110% Increase In Order Value!
Zomato Rolls Out Free Takeaway For All Restaurants; Reports 110% Increase In Order Value!

Zomato has now started a free takeaway service for all its restaurant partners in an attempt to attract more customers who will order food from outside.

Read on to find out this new development at Zomato right here!

Zomato Offers Free Takeaway Service For Its Restaurant Partners; Intends To Increase Business

The free takeaway service for restaurant partners at Zomato has now been introduced so that more customers order food from outside. The online food delivery platform has also specified this in a blog post today.

In the blog, Zomato states, “Therefore, for restaurants to be able to tap into this demand immediately, we are making our takeaway service available for free to our restaurant partners. We will not be charging any commission, and will also forego the payment gateway charges we incur on all takeaway orders.”

Citing WHO, the blog states that food delivery is safe and people should not fear the packaging of home delivered food from restaurants.

Gross Merchandise Volume Increases; Order Volume Increased By 200%

The platform has said that the gross merchandise value (GMV) has increased, by reaching almost 110 percent of its numbers previous to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, since March, Zomato has made as much as 13 crore deliveries.

Additionally, Zomato states that there have been zero cases reported of COVID-19 transmission through food or its packaging. Despite this, there are people, as per Zomato, who haven’t ordered from restaurants yet, and Zomato intends to make one more delivery option available to the customers.

This will also help revive the food industry and bring it back to its pre-COVID state.

In fact, the entire food delivery industry has seen a significant increase in the average order value after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per Zomato, the order volume has increased by 200% in the last few months.

The total number of orders is still pretty less, but the spike in the order value makes up for the shortcomings presented by the lesser quantity of orders. This helps restaurants make more money and the online delivery platform flourish.

Zomato has already gone live with 55,000 restaurants for the free takeaway service.

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