Google Can Predict When You Will Die – All Your Questions Answered

Google's AI is now breaking new barriers. And death seems to be the new victory.

AI powered by Google can predict death
AI powered by Google can predict death

The internet giant has invented a way to predict when someone will die with the help of its artificial intelligence system. Google AI can now predict if a patient will die in 24 hours after admission. The AI test comes with an accuracy predictions as high as 95 percent.

Google will soon help doctors to diagnose patients and predict their life expectancy with its AI system. Here the answers to all the questions about the new life prediction system developed by Google.


How Will Google AI Predict Life Expectancy?

The system developed by Google AI will be able to create a full render of a 3D setting based. The system will work on five separate virtual snapshots –

  • shape
  • size
  • color independently of one another
  • the other independent color
  • combination all of all findings

What Data Google AI Will Use?

All the virtual snapshots will combine to form an accurate 3D model. The system will fill in the a data about patients, and the information will then join up with other hospital data like prior diagnoses, current vital signs, and lab results.

How Accurate Are The Results?

As Google has claimed, the trial results have put up a 95 percent accuracy. The predictions made by the system were nearly accurate to the actual results.

What Medical Data Will Google AI Accept?

The new Google AI system will accept almost any type of data. The system can analyse and interpret any type of medical data thrown into the machine.

Will Google AI Suggest Ways To Save The Patient?

Yes. Google AI will not only predict whether the patient will live or die. The new system developed by Google will work on the data put in by doctors and will make medical suggestions based on it.

What Else Google AI Can Predict?

The system has some powerful machine learning capabilities, and it can also predict the length of a patient’s stay in hospital and its other behavioural pattern. The system will also predict the chances of the patient being readmitted.

Can Google AI Detect Diseases?

The company has not yet developed the technology to detect diseases, but the AI will soon learn to work on symptom predictions as well. Google is working to take the technology into the clinics and it will use a number of AI tools to predict the symptoms and disease.

Can The AI Help Doctors Make Better Diagnosis?

Google will work with the help of algorithm which can retrieve all the required notes, PDFs and old charts. It can make predictions based on the data and determine all the problems with options to solve them. This will help the doctors to make better diagnosis and decisions.

In What Other Ways Google AI System Will Help?

The AI system will help the insurance companies to evaluate patients seeking certain medical treatment. Also it will help the hospitals to allocate the scarce beds for the required patients. The AI predictions will help to solve such health-care related problems.

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