Made In India GPS: NavIC Is Coming Soon To Your Smartphone!

India's very own GPS will replace GPS System from USA

India's Own GPS is coming soon!
India’s Own GPS is coming soon!

Make in India GPS or Global Positioning System will soon replace America’s GPS, and will be available for all smartphones in India.

Is this India’s most historical tech moment?

NavIC Is Coming Soon At Your Phone!

As per statements issued by Govt. officials, it is now clear that NavIC, India’s own desi GPS is now all set to be rolled out. Once it is live, every smartphone and gadget in India can access NavIC, and use this as their primary GPS platform.

Govt. is now asking private players to start the implementation of this GPS system, so that anyone can use it.

IT secretary Ajay Prakash Sawhney said, “Request for Proposal (RFP) has been called to start the implementation of NavIC so that the platform can be rolled out and popularised,”

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has also confirmed the roll out of NavIC for both public and private entities.

NavIC: A Historical Moment for India!

NavIC or Navigation with Indian Constellation is a Sanskrit word meaning sailer. This is the operational name for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, which is a constellation of 8 satellites, which will be extended upto 11.

The 7th IRNSS Navigational Satellite was launched in 2016, and the final or 8th satellite: IRNSS-1I was placed in the Sub-Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit this April.

Ever since that, ISRO along with Govt. of India was working non-stop to make the GPS system live.

Compared to GPS System from the US, India’s NavIC is more accurate: It can provide position accuracy of 5 meters, compared to 15-20 meter by GPS from US.

This whole set-up was established after spending Rs 1400 crore; and a new technology called friction stir welding has been used by ISRO to make it more productive.

Besides GPS system by US, only two others have this capability: Russia has its GLONASS and European Union its Galileo. India would be the 4th entity and 3rd country to have its own GPS.

China is right now building their own  Beidou Navigation Satellite System, which is expected to be live by 2020.

During Kargil war, US had refused to provide GPS coordinates of the terrorists and Pakistani army, which resulted in heavy casualties to the Indian army. Ever since that, India Govt. had made it clear that they want their own GPS system, and will not rely on any country.

Very soon, this will become a reality.

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