Indian Railways Is Being Overhauled With Airplane Type Toilets, New Color, Escalators & More!

Railway Minister is making sure that all these changes are implemented at a fast pace.

Indian Railways is being revamped - new toilets, new color and more!
Indian Railways is being revamped – new toilets, new color and more!

Indian Railways has now decided to go full throttle in renovating, and overhauling the existing coaches and railway stations.

Three important decisions have been taken, which will impact almost every train, coach and railway station now.

Here are they:

Airplane Type Toilets!

Railway Minister Piyush Goel has announced that from now on, every coach will have airplane type vacuum powered bio toilets.

Each one of these toilets will cost Rs 2.5 lakh, and there are around 2.5 lakh coaches where these new toilets would be installed.

The Minister said, “Some 500 vacuum bio-toilets have been ordered and once the experiment is successful, I am willing to spend money to replace all the 2.5 lakh toilets in the trains with vacuum bio-toilets.”

Interestingly, the project of installing bio-toilets in every train is currently underway, and around 1.3 lakh bio-toilets have already been installed across 37,000 trains. These bio-toilets costed Rs 1 lakh, each unit.

Now, it is not yet clear whether these existing bio-toilets would be replaced with airplane type vacuum powered bio-toilet or not.

As per reports, the new airplane type bio-toilets will be completely odour-free, and cur water usage by 1/20th.

New Color For All Trains!

Barring Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, every coach of every train in India would be now colored with a new shade of beige and brown. This will replace the blue color of coaches, which is currently the norm.

Delhi-Pathankot Express has already been painted with this new color, and soon, all other trains would follow suit.

The Minster said, “The change of colour is part of the Railways’ efforts to make passengers’ experience a pleasant one,”

Besides Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains, Duronto Express would be also exempted from the new coloring scheme. Only Mail and Express trains are being targeted as of now, and by the end of 2018, 30,000 trains would be repainted with the new color.

Escalators At Railway Stations!

Meanwhile, Railways has determined that escalators would be now installed at all Railway Stations which has more than a 1 lakh footfalls per day.

Earlier, it was decided that Railway Stations with more than 25,000 footfalls would be eligible for escalators, which has now been made 1,00,000.

An escalator costs Rs 1 crore to install, and Railways is looking at monetization of these as well. Besides Advertisements, other avenues are being look at.

A Railway Official said, “We are reviewing the requirements as per the latest guidelines and accordingly new escalators would be installed,”

We will keep you updated, as we receive more inputs.


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