Now, BSNL Increases Minimum Broadband Speed To 4 Mbps, But Keeps FUP Speed Unchanged


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As we had earlier reported, the state-run telecom operator which is also the India’s leading wired broadband service provider, BSNL, has now doubled the minimum broadband speed to 4 Mbps from the current 2 Mbps. However, it has kept the FUP speed unchanged at 1 Mbps.

BSNL had last revised minimum broadband speed in 2015 when it increased it to 2 Mbps from 512 Kbps.

The speed for BSNL broadband subscribers will be increased to “a minimum of 4 Mbps initial download speed (before the FUP-Fair Usage Policy quota is reached),” announced BSNL in a press release.

This speed change is valid across the nation for existing and new subscribers effective 1 May 2017 but comes with an exception. 4 Mbps will be the initial download speed only for those broadband plans which have FMC (Fixed Monthly Charges) of Rs. 675 and above, reports ET.

Along with the boost in the initial download speed, BSNL is also increasing the FUP high-speed data limit by up to 250% of many plans. The revised high-speed data with the 20 GB plan will now be 70 GB, which translates to a hike by 250%.

However, when we checked the BSNL portal we did not notice any such change in plans. We are assuming that BSNL is still in the process of updating its website to reflect the new tariff plans.

BSNL is offering some very attractive plans right now. Take for instance its starter plans for new subscribers, “Unlimited Broadband at Rs 249”. This plan offers 300 GB broadband data at 2 Mbps till the daily data limit of 10 GB is reached. Post the exhaustion of daily limit, the subscribers will still get unlimited internet access at 1 Mbps. This plan also offers unlimited calls to any number in the country from 9 pm to 7 am.

“BSNL is the only operator that is offering cheapest 10 GB per day data download plan under Wireline Broadband services in the country,” announced BSNL at the launch of this plan.

The broadband market in India is witnessing major changes in minimum speeds and FUP limit, all thanks to Digital India Programme and lucrative data plans from Reliance Jio.

ACT Fibernet had launched 1 Gbps broadband plan in Hyderabad offering 1 TB FUP at just Rs. 5,999 per month. Airtel started offering extra monthly data to its broadband subscribers, while BSNL is teaming up with cable operators for expanding its broadband footprint.

Jio became the largest mobile broadband provider within 7 months of its launch forcing the incumbent telecom operators to revise their tariff plans or face tough times ahead.

As per the Akamai report, India’s average broadband speed has increased by 100% Y-o-Y and is now 5.6 Mbps, but the time is not far when India will be at the top of the list.

Do let us know if you start getting 4 Mbps speed on your BSNL broadband having FMC of Rs. 675 and above.

  1. Harshith says

    This is not fair i thought from july i will be getting 2Mbps no FUP limits but now 2Mbps pre-FUP and 1mbps Post-FUP, definitely i am going to change this broadband if speed not increased within a week Such a waste , i will go for jio

  2. Ravi Choudhary says

    2mbps post FUP? WTH I get 2mbps pre-FUP and 1mbps post-FUP. I’m using BSNL broadband since last 6 years but I’ll be switching to Airtel V-Fiber now. Totally done with BSNL.

  3. Abhsihek says

    BSNL Internet speed really suck for real

  4. Gowhardhan says

    I received post FUP speed of 4 Mbps for a month. But from yesterday I am getting only 2Mbps post FUP…

  5. raja deo says

    -its joke for digital india
    -2 mbps is a worst speed compare to jio gigafiber 100mbps minimum speed
    -jio & airtel always best according to bsnl (bharat satyanas network limited)

  6. pramodh braj says

    Bsnl is not an reliable network it sucks more money too but instead of getting bsnl we can get Airtel or Reliance Jio fiber networks because according to Bsnl they are very cheap

  7. Chirag Joshi says

    I have 675 plan (Jaipur – Rajasthan). The plan is updated from 2 Mbps (5GB FUP, 1Mbps afterwards) to 4Mbps (8 GB FUP, 1Mbps afterwards). However, I am getting 3.43 Mbps in most of the Speed Tests.

  8. Ravi Choudhary says

    Monthly rental of Rs. 899 and still getting that same 2mbps speed with 15GB FUP limit.
    dunno when they’ll update it

  9. Piyal says

    BSNL took 2 years for 2 mbps to 4mbps increment. In this rate we will never reach to the top. Digital India is a joke and broadband in India totally in pathetic situation. Only top 4-5 cities have good broadband plans.

    1. Jay kansara says

      True man, I don’t know when this government telecoms understands digital India means I hope jio fiber doesn’t disappoint us it’s the last hope of taking digital India initiative forward

      1. Emmanuel says

        yes in my place broadband is suck always disconnect we did not use the full benefits here in mizoram

    2. Alcino says

      Say what you want
      But its way better now 2mbps than the past 512kbps which remained for 5 years

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