Awesome! BSNL Broadband Doubles FUP Speed To 1 Mbps Pan-India

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BSNL plans to increase broadband FUP speed to 1 Mbps from 512 Kbps currently.

In a welcome yet epic move, public telecom operator, BSNL has decided to increase the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) speed to 1 Mbps from the crawling slow 512 Kbps across the country from 1 August 2016. This new FUP policy would be valid for all BSNL subscribers (new as well as existing).

Almost all telecom operators in India offer dual speed unlimited plans. Users get a limited amount of data at high-speed, post which they can still use the internet as much as they want but at lower speed. This is called as Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and it is meant to prevent bandwidth abuse by heavy downloaders on a shared connection. But that’s not the case, always. Sometimes FUP is also meant to protect the consumers’ internet.

Recently, it was seen that these FUP guidelines of providing 512 Kbps at least was being violated by many leading telcos.

Why Do We Hate FUP?

FUP is not a bad thing to start with, but the telecom operators have managed to transform it into something evil. These days, the telcos don’t want to offer huge volume of data, but they tend to justify their subscription plans with the pre-FUP speed which is usually way more than the users need to basic browsing activities including video streaming.

This helps the telcos in many ways. This high-speed (usually 4 Mbps and above) not only helps them justify the pricing of broadband plans but also affects the users psychologically. Nobody wants to get downgraded to 512 Kbps after using the internet at 8 Mbps. So, normal users tend to consume less multimedia content just out of the fear of exhausting their high-speed too soon. Hence, they are in a way, forced to not use the internet beyond their limited high-speed data. And that;s exactly why we are not a huge fan of FUP.

BSNL Has Learnt From User Feedback

While private telecom operators are busy reaping profits without caring about what their customers want, BSNL has listened to broadband subscribers’ feedback and has hence increased the FUP speed to 1 Mbps which is also in line with TRAI’s recommendation of minimum 2 Mbps speed by 2015.

Last year, BSNL also raised the broadband speed in the country to minimum 2 Mbps (pre-FUP).

BSNL is the leading wired broadband provider in the country having over 9.91 million subscribers and maintains a huge lead over Airtel and MTNL having 1.76 M and 1.1 M subscribers respectively. BSNL has always been known as the ISP with the widest reach since long, and with this move to raise the FUP to 1 Mbps it is likely to gain a lot of new subscribers.

It remains to be been what others telecom operators would to tackle this FUP trump card played by BSNL. Would they start offering more high-speed data, or increase the FUP speed to 1 Mbps? I am willing to bet on the second option. What do you think will happen?

  1. Ayush says

    This is no hoax i have been getting 1 mbps speed after i exhausted my plan

  2. Piyal says

    @anand: I know that and at that time they marketed in a way that everyone thought it was 2mbps after FUP :(.
    Today is 3rd August and there is no official declaration of 1mbps post FUP anywhere in BSNL site. So probably this news is a hoax.

    1. Ravit says

      I thought i was a hoax, but im getting 1 mbps after fup, im in punjab

    2. Rahul dev says

      now after fup im getting min surfing speed of 1mbps and download speed of 128 kbps.

  3. Piyesh says

    I can’t see any other site reporting this news nor have BSNL announced anything like this, are you guys lying in order to attract views?

  4. Piyal says

    They already increased minimum broadband speed to 2 mbps from October 2015. Now they again increased the speed to 1 mb. What a joke.

    When world moved into 50-100 mbps plans now we are celebrating 1mbps speed of BSNL. Pathetic!!!

    1. Anand Karwa says

      Dear Piyal,
      Last year they increased the minimum speed to 2 Mbps… meaning all plans will offer minimum 2 Mbps as long as the user has not exhausted the limited high-speed data, post which FUP speed-cap of 512 Kbps was there.
      For e.g.: 2 Mbps till first 5 GB data, 512 Kbps beyond.

      Now, they have increased that FUP speed to 1 Mbps.
      For e.g.: 2 Mbps till first 5 GB data, 1 Mbps beyond.
      I hope it clears your doubt.

    2. Partha Basu says

      Well, if you are calling the initiative taken by BSNL pathetic, then what would you call the services provided by private telcos where none of them offer more than 512 kbps?

      At least appreciate that something better is happening. We all wish that our country was as good as USA, but that is not the case.

      At least improvement and developing is happening.

  5. Naveen says

    Will this be applicable to MTNL as well?

  6. K.K. Rana says

    Airtel is better then BSNL

    1. Bsnl guru says

      Bsnl is cheaper than airtel

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