BSNL Redefines Broadband Internet Speed In India: Minimum 2Mbps Speed Guaranteed!


BSNL Redefines Broadband Internet Speed In India: Minimum 2Mbps Speed Guaranteed!

12 crore customers of BSNL all over India has something to cheer for, finally. In a move which can redefine the very definition of broadband, BSNL will now guarantee minimum of 2Mbps speed for every plan which mentions broadband Internet.

However, 2Mbps speed can only be accessed pre-FUP (Fair Usage Policy) data consumption. Once the FUP limits are crossed, then the speed would drop down to 512 Kbps. This new plan would be effective October 1, 2015, pan India.

TelecomTalk first reported this massive change in BSNL’s policies.

Here is an in-depth description of all the BSNL plans, which are effective pan-India:

BSNL Broadband Plans

For some specific regions in Andhra Pradesh, BSNL has come up with some special plans as well:

For Tirupati, Kurnool, Anantpur, Warangal & Nellore service areas of AP circle:


For Khammam,  Ongole,  Karimnagar,  Cuddappah,  Mahboobnagar, Nizamabad, Nalagonda, Adilabad, Srikakulam & Vizianagaram service areas of AP circle


Better Late Than Never

It’s not that BSNL was not aware of the market sentiments, and the expectations from their users regarding a minimum speed for accessing broadband Internet. Way back in 2009, TRAI had specifically said that 2Mbps is the minimum speed which can be called as ‘Broadband’. However, little effort went into ensuring that this rule is followed.

Last year, AKAMAI published a report, which slammed Indian ISPs, and declared that India has the slowest Internet speed in entire Asia. Even Vietnam had better Internet speed than India!

In April this year, we reported that except Indonesia, all other Asian countries have better broadband speed than us; and while calculating peak Internet speed, then our dismal performance is among the worst in the whole world.

In April this year, TRAI suggested several recommendations to the Government, which also included defining a minimum speed for broadband definition, across India. However, for mobile Internet, TRAI is still stuck with 1 Mbps minimum speed for 3G connection (as per 2014 notification)

Competition Pushing Performance?

The 4G revolution which is about to hit India can be the major reason BSNL decided to pull up their socks, albeit its too late and too little (1 GB plan with 2MBPS speed will be over in 12 hours flat!).

Reliance Jio’s 4G speed were found to be hovering around 100Mbps, and costs as low as Rs 51 per One GB of data; Airtel’s 4G speed is already challenging other ISPs via TV advertisements and people are actually looking forward to experience some high speed, quality Internet via 4G.

The competition is certainly proving to be too hot for BSNL now, as evident from their latest salvo to impress their customers.

Will this gamble work for BSNL or 4G from private players will seal their fate forever?

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  1. Lovansh Gupta says

    Offering just 1 GB to an unlimited plan holder? are you guys really kidding me?
    I watched one hour video on youtube at 720p, thatz it……now survive remaining 29 days and 23 hours at 512kbps.

  2. Suraj says

    I am done with BSNL! No good plans for Maharashtra circle, eveen if there is no feasibility of any other Broadband operator I will opt for 2g but not BSNL Broadband, what a cheap strategy they adopt to fool people

  3. Aju Abraham says

    Even if we have this new option, as usual BSNL poses some challenges too, at least technically. Hope they will resolve it soon. Many consumers have raised the problem they find in clicking ‘Accept’ and ‘Decline’ buttons. In many cases, these buttons don’t work. One of my friend told that the ‘Decline’ button was not working properly and when he tried to ‘Accept’ it, it showed some technical errors. One guy told us that, it top-upped some others account, but we are not sure about it. Another technical problem is the URL redirection. God! Let them correct it soon. You can read more about similar experiences here-

  4. ganu says

    I think our govt doesn’t know the meaning of minimum. The new plan still have minimum speed pf 512Kbps

  5. Dspillai says

    This won’t save bsnl since it’s an unworthy offer.
    1GB for 2mbs is not enough for a normal user. Because it’ll exceed in first day and if you save that 1 GB for a long time you can’t claim the worth of your unlimited plan either.

    It’s a trap

  6. Vishwa says

    2 Mbps? would it last a day? Bsnl wouldn’t have enraged its customers if these senseless schemes weren’t announced. Seriously, what’s there to boast about it!? Bsnl would only see a fall in its customer base in coming days.

  7. debananda sahu says

    2mbps mnimum speed is good i appreciate thier idea but 1gb fup is like nothing so i think fup should increase at least 50gb for all broadband plans .

  8. shivakumar singhe says

    Whoever has made this pathetic tariff, is definitely from IIN. Hope these people had some common sense, in what way is this tariff encouraging to continue with BSNL?

  9. Nitesh says

    If Bsnl is going to improve internet speed this way then this company is going to get lost in coming years. This change in internet plan has no meaning. It will be cool if there will be no fup and internet speed having 2mbps.
    Airtel and Reliance is very good in case of internet plans. I’m too moving to use Airtel broadband service rather than using Bsnl broadband service.

  10. Ashutosh Sharma says

    This is just marketing stunt, nothing else. They just want customers to use their data fast and get used to high speed so they crave for high speed and get their top-ups. BSNL top-ups however are good.

    1. Gauhar says

      There wont be any need for top ups if even after FUP capping speed will remain at 2 mbps

  11. HArshit Agrawal says

    If BSNL exceeds the speed after limit then it would be cool.. Increasing speed frm 1 to 2 mbps for 1gb that’s pathetic.. Increase speed after limit..

  12. pallav says

    rather than giving 2 mbps , upgrade minimum speed to 1 mbps unlimited and remove fup
    i tell you this will revive bsnl otherwise you are in a dumpster.

    1. debananda sahu says

      i completely agree with 1mb speed is gud withoout limit rather than giving 2 mbps

  13. K. R. HARIHARAN says

    BSNL should come up with plans of 2 or more mbps speed and allow minimum of 2 mbps after fair use limits.

  14. banti says

    Whats the use of this? After 1GB, it will go back to 512 kpbs. At least make the fup limit to 8GB(or even 5GB). Or make the speed after fup limit to 1mbps.
    Also, these people just do strikes etc. They don’t attend complaint at all.
    Reliance jijo seems great, but is it available everywhere?

  15. Harish says

    Cheap management which cannot do and improve services at all. 2 mbps spead upto 1GB only? Is it a joke?

  16. Kiran Kumar rana says

    Dear Friend , don’t buy BSNL broad Band , I was also user of BSNL broad band , they provide free Land Line no. with broad band , I have surrender my broad band , but now landline bill come continue , I have send my request many time , but they send new bill with surcharge every month , If they provide free land line no. when I surrender my Broadband automatically surrender .but no, ye to yahi baat hoti ke mara hua saap kisi ke gale mein dalne wali baat …bas ye dundate hai koi mile or uske gale ye mara hua saanp daal de …

  17. andy says

    the people at exchange have zero knowledge of diagnosis or they are doing something suspicious, so no matter how business plans changes, the conditions are going to be same. if the promised scheme is delivered it will be more than great.

  18. Sreekanth Yelicherla says

    BSNL will never do anything as the top executives must have been bribed by private operators!

  19. Cynical Guy says

    Is this a joke? Right now my home plan is 1 Mbps till 6 GB then 512, now it will be 2 Mbps till 6B….

    So I can use it up twice as fast then go back to stupid low speeds? WTF??

    I don’t understand, are they doing this because they expect us to laugh at this or because they genuinely think its better for us?

    Mean while the average speed in USA is 15 Mbps and even in our own neighboring SK is wayyy higher.

    Is it REALLY going to kill their networks to give us unlimited 2Mbps speed??? If so, I hope they also cut the costs of the current schemes by half!! Since obviously its not going into upgrading their fiber lines…

    1. Akhil says

      In USA minimum broadband speed is 25mbps. Even in pakistan it is 4mbps. India will never learn. 4mbps minimum speed is only a dream .Atleast make it 2mbps unlimited.

  20. Ajay Agrawal says

    If it wishes to capture market, BSNL should first set their own contact centers in shape.

    In a place like Lucknow, the capital of UP, just last week, I had gone to their contact center to get a broadband connection.

    The conditions there were pathetic to say the least. Glass panes of their booths were broken, no persons available to answer your queries. After a bit of waiting, someone did appear only to tell me that he was the sweeper of the place and did not know anything. If I was interested, I could read the notices pasted there. The ‘sahib’ seldom comes. Forms for new connections are not available as they have not been printed for the past few years.

    Still persisting with my efforts, after trying to talk to any officer for any information, I was given a mobile number. The person at the other end was angry that I woke him from his sleep at 11 AM. He then rudely informed me that for a broadband connection I would need to buy my own modem and the process of installation would take about 7 – 10 days after that.

    I left the center.

    I contacted a private ISP. Their person came the same afternoon, installed their modem and energised their connection the very next day morning. I am happy that I dd not fall prey to the tall claims of BSNL.

  21. Shashank says

    Either BSNL should do away FUP or the minimum broadband speed should be 1 Mbps after FUP is reached. 512 kbps IS a joke. When the private players (like Hathway) can have a 2 Mbps unlimited plan (after FUP), why can’t BSNL?

  22. Jason says

    Just a value change for the plans but still we move to 512kbps lol. I hope they get rid of 512kbps totally and make all speed minimum 1mbps.

  23. Maulik Lakhani says

    I have 10MBPS SPEED.FUP LIMIT 1024GB!!!


  24. Kshitiz says

    Is this some kind of a mockery move by BSNL. Indian ISP’s are pathetic and so is TRAI. Reliance Jio looks promising, all eyes on them.

  25. Praveen Jayaram says

    Pathetic… Shameful act by bsnl. It was better not to upgrade to 2mbps rather than putting the limit of 1gb. 12 hours ?? Are you serious Mohul ?? 1gb will be over in less than an hour. Companies are providing 80gb at 50mbps speed for Rs.1500. I personally get 60gb at 8mbps for 1k by Airtel. At the same time bsnl plans are 1mbps 1gb lol. Grow up bsnl. They know that 80% of Indians don’t have a choice than bsnl because of their all over coverage and that’s why they are playing this game.

  26. Jagdish R says

    Right. This is really ground breaking. Will benefit so many customers. I will also open my ISP and give a 1000Gbps plan with 1MB FUP limit. After that 4Kbps unlimited. Then techgig will cover my ISP saying 1000Gbps plans by market changing ISP and internet speed re-defined!

    What a joke!

  27. Alllex says

    Offering 2mbps for 1gb?bsnl must be kidding. They are not realistic, open up their eyes and see what is happening around. If they continue like this they are going to another ‘publics sector’ company

  28. mukund says

    BSNL is BSNL.basic needs. 2mbps speed are good enough on a wired broadband..THe speeds are not erratic like that of 3g/4g. The only issue is upload speed which is around 400kbps.
    Dont be fooled by 3g/4g service. I have been using BSNL 3g ever since they started..its is OK, around 1.5mbps d/l and 400kbps or more..Aircel is however the best, most stable u/l & d/l speed, around 4mbps and comes Tata docomo..
    AIrtel is the worst, poor service, highly erratic speeds..Even 4G, tried it in many locations, from 2.5mpbs to 20mbps, download..pathetic..upload speeds of 100kbps,,,only around 2mbps sometimes…Very directional, only good within 200 yards of the tower..Rates are the worst..why pay 255rs when you can get stable speeds at 127/150 rs..

  29. Piyal says

    Nothing extra from BSNL. Same data with higher speed, 512 kbps again! They are not giving anything more.

    This is not going to save BSNL. FUP should be eliminated totally. 512 kbps broadband is a joke, it is basically a narrowband connection. You can’t view Youtube properly with this speed. Last 7 years nothing improved. in 2008 I had 2mbps limited connection with night unlimited now I have 512kbps unlimited connection.

    I have just one question: what will be their strategy after Reliance Jio launch in December?

  30. gagan says

    What about bsnl customer services?

    its sucks always

  31. Rameses says

    The download limits remains at ridiculously low values. Competitors like ACT give 40Mbps (the actual speed that one gets may be significantly less) and has download limits of 60+ GB for around 1200 to 1400. Why would anyone want to go for BSNL’s (say) Rs 900/- plan with 2 Mbps till 6 GB ?

  32. Abhishek says

    There is nothing to be excited about 1GB is negligible for any user.

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