Govt’s Warning For 62,000 BSNL Employees: Do What Is Needed Or Else Resign | Perform Or Perish

Govt's Warning For 62,000 BSNL Employees: Do What Is Needed Or Else Resign | Perform Or Perish
Govt’s Warning For 62,000 BSNL Employees: Do What Is Needed Or Else Resign | Perform Or Perish

Telecom minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has warned BSNL employees that they will be forced to compulsorily retire and sent home if they do not shed their ‘sarkaari’ attitude.


Do or die

He addressed those who are not performing as per expectations.

The minister doubled down on the ultimatum issued to the 62,000-strong workforce of BSNL.

He met with the senior management of the struggling telecom PSU, saying that they have to “do what is expected of you. Otherwise, pack up. You should not have any doubt on this. This will be the norm, and this will be the new normal – perform or perish”.

Need to become competitive

The government recently approved a Rs 1.64 lakh crore revival package for BSNL which Vaishnaw had spearheaded.

The package comprises conversion of dues into equity, financial support and allocation of spectrum in a bid to turn around the loss-making telecom PSU.

The staff have to pull themselves up if they want to remain competitive against top private sector companies such as Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel for customers.

Vaishnaw said that those who do not perform are free to take VRS.

Poor hygiene and environment

If they don’t, 56J (a Rule used to order premature retirement) will be imposed on them.

The Minister complained that not only are operations being managed inefficiently, the staff have also failed to provide a clean and hygienic environment at the telephone exchanges and their offices.

He spoke about the dirt and filth he saw at a BSNL exchange in Jharsuguda.

He said in Hindi that he was ashamed to see the filth over there. “It was so dirty, and in bad condition.”

Warning of consequences

He added that there will be no tolerance for such poor maintenance and that heads will roll.

In a stern reply he said that the top leadership will be chopped off and that people working there and the supervisors over them are also responsible.

Revival package increases pressure

The pressure increases on BSNL since it has once again received a mega bailout.

So now he would be monitoring the performance of the company’s staff on a monthly basis- “the KPIs, the performance, the result, every month”.

These steps are in-line with the government’s intention to avoid a duopoly in the telecom sector.

To that effect, the Centre has announced measures to strengthen the telecom sector.

Ensuring healthy competition

It is hoping to see new players enter the segment which will ensure healthy competition in the sector.

The government is also planning to change the entire legal structure to ensure seamless growth of the telecom industry.

The minister said that because this is a global industry and not an isolated one, the Centre will have to make a “modern law so that countries the world over emulate our legal structure as a global benchmark”.

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