Reliance JIO’s Preview Site Suggests Internet at 100 Mbps, Recharges As Low As Re 1


If there is an iota of truth in these rumours, internet users across the country will be in for a huge treat as the major players offering services fight it out to capture the markets.

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance JIO Infocomm got the Broadband and Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum license (through Infotel acquisition) for launching mobile internet services in the country couple of years back but the company has since been tight lipped about the date of launch of its much hyped ultra affordable high speed internet services, the speed at which it will be offered, the tariff plans, etc. which has made the rumour mongers more active than they usually are.

Given the buzz, it is expected that Reliance JIO services will be starting as early as this month.

A preview website (), which was live for sometime before being taken down by the company (cached version here), suggested that users might be able to surf the internet at unbelievable high speeds of upto 100Mbps, and that too without having to pay through their nose. The recharge plans might cost as less as Re. 1.

Folks over at TelecomTalk were able to grab a screenshot of the website which displays some unbelievable pricing for ultra-high speed internet.


We, as consumers, will certainly love it. Sounds too good to be believed?

Here is what Reliance might have in store for you:

Here are the possible 4G products/ services by Reliance JIO



The ‘FTTH FIP Alpha Offer’ plan is said to offer Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connection at a speed of 100Mbps and a usage quota of 100GB with free On-Net usage discount. The plan will have a one month validity period and the package box will include the Router Gateway, Router Drop Cable, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet.

2. FIP Alpha with Wi-Fi and JioDrive

The ‘FTTH FIP Alpha Offer along with Wi-Fi and JioDrive’ plan is said to offer FTTH connection with a speed of 100Mbps with a usage quota of 100GB and free On-Net usage discount. This plan will also have a one month validity period.

Same as FIP Alpha? NO! This plan also offers 100GB of cloud storage for one year. It might also come with a Wi-Fi Hotspot device, which will offer high-speed Internet connectivity in various cities.

3. Volte Basic – Free

The ‘Volte Basic’ with First Recharge (FRC) will offer unlimited voice along with Rs. 1,099 plan which will offer Sports Channel pack of 50 Channels.

4. Jio WiFi Start-up Plan – Offer Price: Rs. 51

A Rs. 51 Jio Wi-Fi subscription plan which will provide 1GB of data through Wi-Fi.

5. Jio Mobility Bundle (NTMore) – Price: Rs. 3,010

This plan offers Jio MiFi device with all Reliance Jio Services i.e. LTE, Wi-Fi, digital and media services. A Rs. 500 plan for this device will offer 10GB of data. It also comes with a VoLTE SIM card.

6. Jio MiFi Product (NTMore) – Price: Rs. 2,610

This Jio MiFi device will offer internet connectivity to five devices at once through Wi-Fi. A Rs. 100 Jio MiFi Start-up Plan will offer 1 GB data along with Digital services.

Though these are said to be mere rumours at the moment, we would not have shared them with you if we had not seen them across the Reliance Jio’s preview portal for ourselves (through cached versions)

Reliance JIO services offering are definitely round the corner and here is another pointer to that. A twitter user Akshay Gaonkar was able to snap this photo of Reliance JIO Sim card in the wild.

Reliance Jio Sim Card

[Surprisingly, even the Tweet seems to have been taken down!]

There is no doubt that all major telecom operators in the country are fighting for establishing their supremacy over the rapidly growing internet market. Airtel has already slashed its 4G data plans hugely and made it cheaper than its own 3G services last week, but considering the extremely low prices for which Reliance might make its services available, consumer loyalty might take a backseat.

For now, it is wait and watch. And perhaps wish that these rumours do turn out to be true!!

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  2. Alapan says

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  19. Devalis says

    Gradually,i have realised that Indian Telecom companies are like the inexperienced parasites. They want to suck their customer’s every drop of money and will do so on ASAP basis-as soon as possible basis. They should learn from Biology which tells that such parasites Die with their hosts,its those experienced ones which allow the customers live long thrives with them(-make it Symbiotic) ,are the most successful……

    Unfortunately,Reliance works on the principle of -“Karlo Duniya Mutthi me”, Grab the world in your fists,and its not for customers,but for the reliance people.

    These plans may be true but when we will buy, the call meter will be running chaotically randomly deducting extra cuts for itself-a trick every indian company has perfected. Already the TRAI would be slumbering somewhere Drugged by these giants along with its partner Mr BSNL,paid to be inefficient…..

    Its a sorry state of affairs,perhaps Kalki Avatar only may be able to control these new demons of India

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