Hail TRAI – Only 2 mbps speeds can be defined as Broadband


Now this is really a scintillating news ! 2 years back TRAI had mentioned that only speeds of above 256 kbps can be defined as a broadband connection, but now TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) today indicated that :

Government has to redefine broadband services making it mandatory for operators to offer at least 2Mbps speed.

Indian Broadband Connection speed

While the Western, especially European countries are introducing speeds of 20 mbps and above, India is lagging far far behind, specifically due to their speeds.

If this new definition comes to passé, it may actually change the face of Indian Internet scene.

This is offcourse a great news for consumers, but it will also push the operators to offer that kind of speeds to its consumers, failing so they will not be given subsidies for offering broadband connections. So operators will have no choice but to offer it.

From consumers point of view, it will really help the Internet penetration in India. One of the main reasons why Internet does not grow in India is because of pathetic speeds.

Except for checking mails and browsing non-heavy sites is what one can do satisfactorily (sometimes not even that). but with speeds of 2mbps, one can stream multimedia content with ease, Download heavy files etc etc, due to which there will be added incentive to users to come online.

There are lot of innovative ideas (specifically for India) that could be implemented on Internet with increased broadband speeds e.g: Online Interactive Learning.

Now there is a flip side as well – Even if the definition of broadband is changed, the Operator may not be in the position to offer it to Indian consumers, they may have to incur heavy amounts of money to upgrade their networks. Secondly, if the speed goes up, so will the costs – Will Indian consumer afford paying that kind of money.

yes, there are questions to be answered and solutions to be found. But I can say with confidence that TRAI is heading the right direction, and it needs bold decisions like these to improve the much needed Internet penetration in India

  1. Chandigarh Boy says

    The operator is supposed to offer the speed only to their Central Office and not the international gateway. So offering 2Mbps is no big a deal. The deal is great if you can get to the internet that fast. Google, Facebook, etc have india servers now, but a lot other services have yet to reach this soil.

  2. rabi gupta says

    Even I’m a victim of a bad internet connection :-(. At times, I’m frustrated to the extent of switching off my PC! Airtel still is fighting with our RWA to get their lines drawn at a negotiated price.
    I seriously need a good connection, anything above 256kbps is good for me but it should be up 24×7!
    Regulation should also be there for service time limits :-D, otherwise you will have a 2 MBPS BSNL connection out-of-service for 6 months or so (my own case ;-)..).
    P.S. Currently I’m surviving on Den Broadband (decent enough to keep me alive)!

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hi Rabi, You have made a good point, I think even more than speeds, its the Service Level Agreements should be strictly enforced, otherwise even with good speeds it is of not use if your connections are down half the time

  3. Kamal Thakur says

    Glad Glad!!!

    A Welcome Move. Hats off to TRAI. They have been doing their job quiet well since the day organization was born in mid nineties.

  4. mdanuz says

    I think they should change it to 2 mbps “unlimited” as a broadband connection , service providers have a control on download limit and their stupid fare usage policies .

    1. Percy Jacksons says

      minimum 2mbps means……

      3mbps upto 50gb thereafter 2mbps from then on. They cant fup 2mbps, or else their licences will be cancled, and they wont be able to supply broadband…

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