Vodafone’s YOU Broadband Launches 12 TB Annual Plan; Get 1 GB For Just 35 Paise!

For Rs 353, YOU Broadband users can get 1000 GB of data, per month, which translates to mere 35 paise per GB.


YOU Broadband Offering 12TB Annual Plan

Vodafone’s YOU Broadband is setting new pricing benchmarks for broadband providers in India. In their latest salvo aimed at garnering market share, YOU Broadband has announced a 12 TB annual plan, pricing for which has been made extremely competitive.

In a related news, Airtel has launched new plans to take on Jio’s dominance in the 4G niche.

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YOU Broadband 12 TB Annual Plan!

Vodafone, which acquired YOU Broadband in 2016, is now using this business verticle to make some serious inroads into the broadband market, and dent JioFiber and Airtel Broadband’s plans.

Yesterday, they have launched 12 TB annual plan, which will cost Rs 353 per month.

Hence, for Rs 353, YOU Broadband users can get 1000 GB of data, per month, which translates to mere 35 paise per GB.

YOU Broadband users are being promised 78 Mbps speed with this plan.

Besides, they have already launched three months, 6 months plans besides annual plans. In Hyderabad area, they have already launched 200 Mbps and 150 Mbps plans.

YOU Broadband is indeed giving a tough fight to JioFiber, which has hinted at giving 1.1. TB free with 100 Mbps speed. They are expected to be officially launched later in the year.

Airtel Broadband is too offering 100 Mbps speed across India and aims to get 40 lakh new connections.

With YOU Broadband’s aggressive plans, the battle for supremacy in broadband has already started.

Airtel’s New Rs 449 Plan Launched

Meanwhile, in a related news, Airtel has decided to once again take on Reliance Jio head on.

In their latest attack, Airtel has launched Rs 449 plan, which gives users 2 GB of data, per day for 70 days.

This plan also offers free unlimited calls both locally and nationally, and 100 local and STD messages, per month.

Airtel’s newest Rs 449 plan is a direct take on Jio’s Rs 448 plan, which offers 2 GB of data per day for 84 days, along with the same benefits.

Note here, that Airtel already offers a Rs 448 plan, which gives 1.5 GB of data per day, along with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. It is expected that this plan would be expired soon.

Besides, Airtel also offers Rs 558 plan, which gives 3GB of data per day for 82 days and Rs 149 plan which gives 1 GB of data per day for 28 days.

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