JioFiber Starts Rolling Out Free 1.1 TB With 100 Mbps Speed In Select Locations!

Earlier, it was planned that JioFiber will launch in Diwali of 2017, which was postponed to March 2018.


JioFiber Starts Rolling Out

This is a fantasy which every hardcore Internet users in India had, since long long time. And now, Reliance’s JioFiber has made this as a reality; albeit in few selected location.

Welcome to the world where you get 1.1 TB of data, free, which you can surf at 100 Mbps speed.

JioFiber is changing everything we knew about the Internet.

JioFiber Starts Rolling Out In Select Locations: 1.1TB @100Mbps

As per some insider reports coming in, Reliance’s JioFiber has started rolling out free 1.1 TB of data (1 TB is equal to 1000 GB) to their users, in some ‘select locations’.

The report doesn’t mention the locations where this free, sizzling offer has been launched.

If we allow ourselves to assume, then Mumbai can be that city, where this free offer of 1.1 TB is being offered. Last year, JioFiber had offered 100 Mbps broadband speed in some select locations in Mumbai, and now, after a year, the beta-testers can be rewarded with this offer.

How Is This Offer Being Rolled Out?

As per an unnamed source from Jio, JioFiber users are being offered monthly 100 GB at 100 Mbps speed. We had already mentioned this plan last year when some details of JioFiber was accidentally leaked.

Now, once this 100 GB is exhausted, users can top up their plans with 40 GB, 25 times in a month. This means 1.1 TB or 1100 GB of data free, every month.

Is That All?


JioFiber can be availed by paying Rs 4500 security deposit. As part of the plan, once this security deposit is paid, JioFiber installs a Jio Router, which will act as a set-top box for Internet Protocol-based TV services under Jio.

Hence, the free data is a bait – In reality, users are being empowered and encouraged to consume data on a massive scale, and to watch streaming TV shows and movies via their JioFiber connection.

In short, Jio is trying to replace your TV with JioFiber.

On the question of availability of JioFiber, this unnamed source said,

“This year, our network will cover 99% of India, so we are ready to launch JioFiber soon. We have the largest optic fiber network in the country.”

Earlier, it was planned that JioFiber will launch in Diwali of 2017, which was postponed to March 2018.

We will keep you updated, as we receive more news related with JioFiber.

  1. Maaz Kalim says

    Uh-oh… The persistent puffery and propagation of hearsay prospects in these Journalism-sh@*$#ng TECH BLOGS is insufferable.

    Speechless beyond that..

  2. NetGuy says

    Can the guy who said this please define the word “soon”….?

    God bless them anyway…..this will be the biggest moment in India since independence.

  3. Hafis says

    How to know which are those locations?

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