Jio Fiber Broadband Coming This Diwali, Will Offer 100GB for Just Rs.500; JioTV Live Now Offer More Than 450 Channels


Jio Fiber Brochure

Reliance JioFiber internet service has been much talked about since the pilot in Maharashtra. It is expected to offer high internet speeds are extremely low prices to consumers who haven’t had the taste of high-speed internet yet. These users were getting speeds of 70-100 Mbps with a free test plan for three months.

Now, some details on pricing of this surface have come out. According to a report by ET, the base price of JioFiber would be Rs. 500 offering 100GB (working out to just Rs. 5 per GB). Compared to this, Airtel offers fiber internet at Rs. 999 for 50GB a month, almost half the data usage at double the price.

The launch of JioFiber is expected during Diwali, in the month of October this year. The pilot is also expected to expand to other cities, like Gurugram and Noida, by June or July with the commercial launch in October, just like it happened for Jio telecom services.

Reliance Jio will offer its JioFiber Internet services in more than 100 cities across India, by December post the commercial launch. The speed is expected to be around 100 Mbps, dropping to 1 Mbps after usage of the data quota allotted.

The only reason someone might not want to opt for JioFiber is the high initial cost of the router. The router will be offered at a one-time cost of Rs. 4,500 with refundable installation charges. For a lot of people who want to get access to high-speed internet, this might find it expensive to pay for a router.

JioFiber might also see a growth like that of Jio telecom service purely because of disruptive prices and lack of competition. Only Airtel is the other major service provider that offers fiber-to-the-home(FTTH) services in India.

JioTV Live TV reaches 450 channels mark

Reliance Jio’s live streaming service JioTV has crossed 450 channels mark on its platform. Available as a part of Jio application suite, JioTV has been on offer to users since September 2016.

Recently, Jio added 20 channels to the available programs, taking the total to 452. This makes it the largest OTT(over-the-top) provider with all the large channels in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi and Punjabi being offered to customers.

This competes directly with set top box services where you get similar channels for higher prices. JioTV Live TV is free of cost and offers some premium VoDs like Hotstar as well. Jio is making a splash in every market and will bring in more competition as it launches its services for customers.

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Source: ET

  1. Mud says

    DIWALI??!?!!! I thought it was going to be in a couple of DAYS!!! Have they gone MAD???!!!

    1. Shivang says

      Are you mad to expect a service for which you have not paid till now? It’s their service and they will launch it when they deem it complete and stable…

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