Jio Has Revised Their Tariff; Good News & Bad News For Jio’s Subscribers

Jio has now raised the price of its basic plan from Rs. 399/- to Rs. 459/- which is a 15% increase in tariff


Jio Tariff Revised

So yes, the change was inevitable.

Exactly 48 hours before, we had predicted that Reliance Jio, the disruptor of Indian telecom industry, will very soon increase their tariff and it has actually happened now.

Late last night, Jio has updated their Plans, for both pre-paid and post-paid users, and there is both good news and bad news for consumers.

However, this price increase is a very big news for other telecom operators, because now, they can also jack-up their tariffs, and ensure some profits.

But the timing of this raise in tariff is also very interesting – right on the eve of Diwali.

Does this mean that Jio is under pressure from investors and the cycle of profitability-revenue-loss is forcing them to alter their plans?

Does this mean that Jio will increase their tariff in future as well?

Jio Has Revised Their Pre-Paid Tariff – The Details

The new tariff card is no doubt more expensive, and more costly, especially for their best selling pre-paid plan which was Rs 399/- for 84 GB data, with FUP of 1 GB per day.

This plan no longer exists, as it has been changed to Rs 459/-, which is a direct increase of 15% in tariff.

And this is the bad news for consumers, because very soon, Rs 450-range will become the de-facto and standard of 84-day plans with 1 GB FUP per day.

At the same time, there is good news for users of Rs 149 plan, because now, they can get 4GB 4G data in 28-day period, instead of 2GB data. Hence, this is a 100% increase in data offered, and this is the good news.

Besides, there are other minor changes as well, in the pre-paid section.

From now on, there shall be 9 different plans, with minimum being Rs 52 plan, which will give 1.05 GB data for 7 days validity, a plan which has been long used by Airtel and Vodafone as well, but with 1-day or 2-day validity.

The most expensive pre-paid plan is now Rs 4,999 which will give users 350 GB of data for 360 days.

For comparison, here are the old plans:

Old Jio Plans

Here are the all the new and revised pre-paid plans from Jio, effective October 19th:

  • Rs 52/-: 1.05 GB for 7 days (daily limit 0.15 GB)
  • Rs 98/-: 2.1 GB for 14 days (daily limit of 0.15 GB)
  • Rs 149/-: 4.1 GB for 28 days (daily limit of 0.15 GB)
  • Rs 399/-: 70 GB for 70 days (daily limit of 1 GB)
  • Rs 459/-: 84 GB for 84 days (daily limit of 1 GB)
  • Rs 509/-: 98 GB for 49 days (daily limit of 2 GB)
  • Rs 999/-: 90 GB for 60 days (no daily limit)
  • Rs 1,999/-: 125 GB for 180 days (no daily limit)
  • Rs 4,999/-: 350 GB for 360 days (no daily limit)

Here is a video we did on this major reshuffle:

Jio’s Post Paid Plans Also Changed

At the same time, Jio has also expanded their post-paid plans to accommodate more options for the users.

Earlier, there used to be only two plans: Rs 309 for 60 GB and Rs 509 for 120 GB of data.

However now, there will be 5 different plans:

  • Rs 309/-: 30 GB (daily 1 GB limit)
  • Rs 409/-: 20 GB (no daily limit)
  • Rs 509/-: 60 GB (daily limit of 2 GB)
  • Rs 799/-: 90 GB (daily limit of 3 GB)
  • Rs 999/-: 60 GB (no daily limit)

Earlier, Rs 309 gave 60 GB of data whereas Rs 509 gave 120 GB of data; both for 2-months under their Diwali offer.

Hence, the new data plans have now been categorised based on daily limit or no daily limit. While plans will daily FUP is giving more data, plans with no FUP is giving less data.

Unlimited free voice calls is applicable as before, with no changes. However, free SMS has been capped at 100 per day, as per TRAI’s rules.

What is your reaction to the changes made in Jio’s data tariff? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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