Reliance Jio Rolling Out Jio Fiber in Mumbai’s Select Areas; Offers up to 100 Mbps Free for 3 Months


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Airtel launched its own Airtel V-Fiber to offer 100mbps speeds to its customers, and now Reliance Jio has finally rolled out its own fiber service. Ever since the launch of Reliance Jio in December 2014, the company has been working to develop the infrastructure for fiber networks.

Starting with Mumbai, Jio Fiber will be available to everyone in the coming months. At this point of time, it is available only to select users in Mumbai and only a few residential buildings and areas have this service. Users will get up to 100mbps for the next three months for no costs.

The final cable installation was completed in December and finally residents of Mumbai will be able to subscribe to it. The service promises a speed of up to 100mbps, which means a browsing speed of anywhere between 50 and 100 Mbps, while a download speed of around 10mbps, which is quite decent for a fiber network.

This superfast internet service will also be rolled out to New Delhi, Pune and Chennai very soon. “This is on par with the most advanced wireline offerings anywhere in the world,” Mukesh Ambani, Chairman – Reliance Industries, said. The company is looking to improve the speed from 100mbps to 1gbps.

More Details on Jio Fiber

According to a report by India Today report, a resident in Rahul Building on Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai, has said that Reliance has set up the Jio Fiber connectivity inside the building and that people are already using it. The service has also been rolled out in Nepeansea Road in Mumbai.

These users are getting anything between 70 and 100 Mbps right now for the next three months. Even though the internet is free, there is one-time charge of Rs 4,500 for the router that Jio is installing in the homes of its users. Jio hasn’t come out with pricing details for the plans post free-usage of three months.

While other companies like ACT, Airtel and Google are planning to install their fiber networks in India, Reliance has already been using fiber for its internet services and has leveraged it for building new infrastructure. Reliability of internet is a big problem on Jio network and we hope the company has worked it out on the fiber network.

Unlike mobile sims, a lot of users will be making the Jio Fiber their primary internet service provider and this could be a game changer for the company. If it is able to deliver on the promises, then it will be able to snatch a lot of customers from Airtel and other ISPs.

Reliance Jio 4G has also started seeing better speeds now, but network remains an issue as there are not enough points. Users are not able to access Jio in some locations, let alone use it for fast browsing and downloading. Hopefully, this will not be the case with Jio Fiber, because the company is slowly rolling it out in Mumbai and then other cities.

Reliance has plans to expand this Fiber service to 100 cities in India so as to connect people better. The company wants to focus on launching cheap internet services for Indians, and will also get into WiFi hotspot business soon.

Source: India Today

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