ACT Fibernet Plans Pan-India Roll Out Of High Speed Broadband Services


ACT Fibernet

Bangalore based Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT), who are known for their cost-effective high speed broadband services plans to soon roll-out it’s services across India.

If you have not heard about ACT Fibernet, it is the same company that had acquired Hyderabad’s popular high-speed broadband service Beam Tele and rebranded themselves from ACT broadband to ACT Fibernet.  Back in 2011, we had written about Beam Tele and at that time they were offering an envious 20 mbps unlimited broadband connections at Rs. 2500.

Their services are now available in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and the broadband plans they offer are even better. They have recently introduced a whopping 60 mbps unlimited broadband plan for Rs. 1999, 40 mbps unlimited plan for Rs. 1399 and 20mbps at Rs. 1049 per month.

The company is not stopping at 60 mbps – They soon plan to offer speeds of upto 250 mbps for commercial usage and 100 mbps for retail usage in Hyderabad and then expand it elsewhere too.

ACT provides Internet through Optical Fiber and also provide cable TV services. Due to the tremendous plans they offer, they have been able to grow much faster than their peers. They currently have over 4 Lakh subscribers in Hyderabad and Secundarabad and command a market share of 70 percent. In Bangalore, ACT has close to 1.5 Lakh subscribers, while in Chennai they have reached 5 percent market share within a year of launch in that city.

ACT has raised investments from global institutional investors like India Value Fund, Olympus Capital Asia and Kilimanjaro Netherlands are now expanding aggressively for which they have earmarked Rs 100 crore for each of their centres.

Speaking to ET, ACT’s CEO, Bala Malladi said that they are evaluating brownfield projects in Northern markets. He also said that while they were well-funded at this stage, they will be looking at follow-on rounds to fund their aggressive expansion plans.

Great News for Internet Consumers

ACT’s Pan-India expansion plans augurs well for internet consumers across India, because even now, broadband plans offered by various providers are far too expensive. Except for cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, where ACT is present, 20 mbps and 40 mbps plans are unheard of, leave alone 100 mbps.

Once ACT starts offering their services in various cities, the broadband prices are bound to come down, much to the relief of internet users across India!

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  2. Rahul says

    Act cheat people on the Speed as well on Terms and conditions.

    I just used Internet for 15 days in month of July 2015 and it was got disconnect, by them due to technical problem. now when i requested to refund my remaining amount for the month, They simply ignoring it by saying they won’t entertain Refund policy and they asked me to wait for one month, in order to resolve problem.

    Pathetic Service ever seen

  3. Jayasankar says

    ACT is not expanding Fast due to Financial constraints I believe. They are short of Cables.there seems to be a problem in digging roads in Chennai area.Corporation is giving trouble. All these was told by a Insider in the ACT. ACT board must over come and spread fast.

    If you see the Tariff of all the Telecom service providers in Broadband area, stilll there is 512 Kpbs which is not at a Broadband according to International standards. Providing different tariff in every state – i think is due to Local Tax structure.

    Will ACT fast and spread in Entire Chennai Metro?. Million dollar question?

  4. saikumarmarri says

    I have to get immediate call form act management due to suspension of my account on 19/3/2015

  5. George says

    Don’t understand their logic of providing different plans for Hyderabad and bangalore, their Fup are throttled in Bangalore to the lowest, they are probably giving the plans bit cheaper than Airtel but still their fup is same

  6. Sreekanth Yelicherla says

    ACT has pathetic service in Bangalore. Good luck to anyone who thinks of ACT.

    1. Rajeshwarin says

      All you people do is crib and whine…
      I find bewtween ACT Airtel BSNL Hathway – ACts services to be best – they have highest FUP and highest speeds and their customer service agents respond within 24 hours.

      ACT has problems like not going underground – but other than that – they are pretty fast in installation and resolving problems – their field agents at least – the customer service is so-so – most of them reserved category people with low IQ like all other call centers.. compared to all others though – act still shines

      1. Jayasankar says

        I agree . Airtel only one good thing is Service. Yes Best in not only Broadband also in Dish area also. But they cheat people on the Speed. Very Poor speed. Govt must encourage companies like ACT and Upcoming Broadband companies. Give them Tax holidays.

  7. vimal says

    ACT’s move is quite welcomed.

    However, Never ever opt for Tikona if they offer for free. Useless crap company

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