JioFiber Users Are Getting Only 10% Of Promised Broadband Speed? Twitter Users Share Their Plight

JioFiber Users Are Getting Only 10% Of Promised Broadband Speed? Twitter Users Share Their Plight
JioFiber Users Are Getting Only 10% Of Promised Broadband Speed? Twitter Users Share Their Plight

Currently, the broadband industry in India is in a very competitive stage, thanks to the launch of fiber services by the Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator, Reliance Jio.

We can infer that the main selling point of JioFiber broadband connections was the speed that these plans were offering. 

However, it seems now that the main offering from JioFiber, the upload speeds might start getting capped for subscribers as well,  in turn affecting their overall experience of the connection.

 For a JioFiber customer, the following information might be extremely crucial too.

What Is Reliance Jio Upload Speed Cap?

According to some Twitter users, Reliance Jio has started putting a limit on the speeds of the subscribers of JioFiber. 

We are talking about upload speed on the JioFiber connection here. 

Though the upload speeds have been known to be slightly lower than the download speeds, but in the case of JioFiber connection, the upload will make the subscribers rethink about their connection. 

As per the information given by the Twitter users, JioFiber is capping the upload speeds of the broadband plans to one-tenth of the original speeds, or 10% of the original download speeds.

This means that the subscribers who opt for a plan offering 100 Mbps speed, will get upload speeds of only 10 Mbps.

What Is Upload Speed Capping?

Normally when a broadband service provider offers a certain connection to the subscribers, then the upload speeds are considered to be almost equal or slightly less than then download speed cap. 

Which means that if the subscriber gets download speeds of 100 Mbps for example, then the upload speed could be slightly less than 100 Mbps. 

But according to Twitter users, this huge change by Reliance Jio will mean that the subscribers will see a massive difference in the network speed while uploading content or downloading content. 

Considering the case of 1 Gbps plan, the subscribers will witness upload speeds of 100 Mbps only.

For users who are using JioFiber connection for playing online multiplayer games, this will affect hugely as their gaming performance is likely to be hit if the upload speeds are heavily capped. 

Same will happen for people who are using this connection to upload media to the internet. (Reference)

What About JioFiber Customers
Billing ?

Recently, Reliance Jio had started billing its JioFiber customers. Till then the subscribers were getting the JioFiber services for free from the launch under the JioFiber preview offer.

The billing systems of JioFiber were not ready until now. but since the new billing systems in place, Jio has finally started charging its JioFiber customers.

 But, with the caps in upload speeds in picture, it seems that the JioFiber customers might not be happy with Jio right now.

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