Reliance Jio Plans To Offer Broadband Internet At 83 Paisa Per GB For 15 Mbps Speed!


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After disrupting mobile telephony, it is the turn of broadband internet landscape to be disrupted by Reliance. As per reports coming in regarding their ‘Welcome Offer’ plans for Reliance Jio Fiber Internet (FTTH), they are planning to charge just 83 paisa for accessing 1 GB of data at 15 Mbps speed.

Existing broadband players such as Airtel, BSNL and Spectranet needs to prepare themselves hard.

Earlier, we had reported the entry of Reliance Jio in broadband sector via JioFiber, through FTTH route (Fiber to the home). At that time, it was rumored to have minimum speed of 1 Gbps.

However, as per new reports, Jio’s broadband would start with 15 Mbps, and go upto 600 Mbps. Besides the speed, the punchline here are dirt cheap plans, which are surely making heads turn.

83 Paisa Per GB For Jio’s Broadband?

The basic plan under Jio’s Welcome Offer promises 15 Mbps speed and bundles 600 GB of data for only Rs 500 per month. This means, per GB cost would come at just 83 paisa!

For Rs 1000, users can also opt for 500 GB plan at 25 Mbps speed, which turns out Rs 2 per GB. There is another very interesting plan: Rs 500 for 3.5 GB/day with no speed limit.

There are other plans for Rs 500 and Rs 800 as well, details of which are not available as of now.

High end plans for higher speed has also been created, which promises even more value for money. While 50 Mbps plan gives 2000 GB per month for only Rs 1500; Rs 5500 plan will give 300 GB at a speed of 600 Mbps.

The only catch here is the expensive GigaFiber router which needs to be purchased for accessing Jio’s broadband Internet; and the cost of this router is pretty high at Rs 4000-6000. Though, it is a one-time expense.

Note here, that these plans have been shared by a news blog, and not from Jio themselves. We will update you as more details related with Jio’s broadband offerings comes to us.

Rs 1000 Feature Phone With VoLTE Technology?

Meanwhile, rumors regarding Jio’s feature phone costing Rs 1000 is gaining momentum. As per the reports, Jio will soon launch a feature phone, which will have VoLTE technology. It can access Internet, store music but lacks advanced features of a smartphone. It will have an integrated voice and calling feature using an IP-based network, and would be running on Android.

When we attempted to confirm this news from Jio officials, it was denied by them.

However, some of the leading publications have reported this news, and claims to be true.

We will keep you updated as receive more information about this extraordinary phone, which is being launched at an extraordinary price.

  1. tinhed says

    Just hope this doesn’t end up as some of the previous offerings by Reliance which are sub-standard to say the least. If Jio can fulfill this promise, it will be a digital revolution. My best wishes to them to pull this off.

  2. Aniruddh says

    One year ago many blogs were saying that Jio will give 10 Rs per GB plan. Now we know the truth. I think most of the blogs like to run on rumormills only.

  3. Santokh Singh Saggu says

    Sab Bakwas Hai! Ghanta 15 Mbp , when people will fall into their trap then they will mention its a theoretical
    speed and practical speed will be bail gaadi speed. This what currently mentioned in the Jio mobile.

    1. Avisekh Ghosh says

      Bhai boardband hai, Mobile network nhi …..min speed 15mbps hi rahegi.

  4. Ashok says

    What exactly is FTTH? Normally they give broadband connection by connecting cables from nearby location. Is FTTH is pure wireless? I mean no cables whatsoever?

    1. Mud says

      Bro, FTTH is “Fiber to the Home” – it’s FIBER OPTIC CABLE, which, given that Jio is not exactly your local cablewallah, will be laid UNDERGROUND!! It’s not wireless at all, it’s a WIRE!! Capable of carrying internet at BLISTERING speeds!! In short, your life is about to change forever! :)

      1. Ashok says

        Thank you

  5. Mud says

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS I COULD HAVE HEARD IN MY LIFE!!! :) Hugs and kisses to all concerned, God bless Ambani!! :)

    The revolution this will *create* all over India CANNOT BE CONCEIVED!! We cannot IMAGINE what will happen to India after this!!
    Can someone tell me though – how much of India is covered? Have they laid the fiber in like, rural areas and stuff as well?

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